First baby purchase???

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First baby purchase???

I got a coupon in the mail from Babies R Us that they are doing their trade-in event starting tomorrow. You bring in any old baby item and then you get 25% off a new item (crib, swing, high chair, car seat, etc). Am I crazy to be thinking about buying baby stuff already? LOL! I have an old swing to trade in and am thinking I might get a new crib or infant car seat. The only bummer is that I've got my eye on a Peg Perego infant seat, but of course that brand isn't eligible for the discount.

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You are so close to done with the first tri that I would go ahead and buy something if you find a great deal. I saw that ad and was wondering if I had anything I wanted to trade in. I'm pretty happy with my car seat, and stroller. The only thing that I might want to get a new one is a crib. Ours is a drop side and I have never had a problem with it, but they have all been recalled so I don't know if I'm going to trust it for another kid.
That was way longer than it needed to be. Smile I say yes, buy something if you find a deal! Smile

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I almost bought a car seat the other day Smile I found a great deal on sunshine radians and i almost went ahead and got one! it is what sawyer and elliot use and we will be getting one for this babe as well.

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I saw the trade-in to and am going to trade my old infant seat since it is almost 5 years old and close to the expiration date. I always get stuff ahead of time esp if it is a deal!

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Well, I did it...made my first baby purchase today! I didn't find anything at Babies R Us, but I found a great deal on a stroller online. We got an UppaBaby Vista. I'm so excited! They had a special edition color on sale for $200 off!

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I've heard that's a great stroller. This will be our 3rd so there's not much we need. I'd like a new video monitor so if I see a sale I'll pick one up

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I also saw that coupon. I've been thinking about whether I have anything I want to trade in, or if I just want to keep what I have. Guess I better make a decision. Wink