follow-up ultrasound (with pics!)

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follow-up ultrasound (with pics!)

thanks for all your positive thoughts, ladies! my u/s today was good. you might remember that at the anatomy u/s 4 weeks ago, they found cysts on baby's brain and also her bowel appeared abnormal. those are both soft markers for down syndrome, and combined with the positive result i got on the integrated screening, the doctors all seemed pretty concerned. but at the u/s today, both the brain cysts and the echogenic bowel had disappeared completely! they also took another very detailed look at her heart, spine, etc. and everything looked perfect. the maternal-fetal medicine doctor i talked to today was very encouraging and wasn't pushing for an amnio like the doctor i saw last time. she said my baby's estimated risk for down syndrome is still elevated, about 3%, but she doesn't have any obvious health or anatomy problems. i feel like i can just put the "what ifs" out of my mind now and enjoy the rest of my pregnancy. if she is born with down syndrome we will of course love her just the same! for now, we will be thankful for a healthy baby girl because we don't have any reason to think otherwise! oh, and she did show off her girl parts very nicely this time, so that was confirmed. last time, they were about 90% sure it was a girl, so part of me was thinking they would look today and find a wee-wee. but, nope, it's definitely a girl! Smile

her sweet profile:

it's a girl!

and, just for fun, a photo of DS1 eating one of the pink cupcakes i made last month when we were pretty sure we were having a girl:

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sorry two of the pics are so huge. i keep resizing them on photobucket like i always do, but they are still big. hmmm.

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That's great news Amanda! I'm sure you're so relieved! She sure is her ultrasound pic!

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Oh, that is wonderful news!! What a sweet profile she has! Precious. Smile

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Great News, Amanda! Love the pictures!

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How awesome! So hapoy that all is going well with your little girl. Smile

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Those are great pics! You have a wonderful attitude about this pregnancy which I think makes all the difference in the world. I hope everything comes out perfect. Smile
Also, photobucket takes time to resize when you first post the pics. I have no idea why, but I have found that to be the case almost all the time. Crazy.

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Glad to hear you had a reassuring followup, Amanda! You're son is adorable!

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Wonderful news Amanda!!! Love the pics too! Smile

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I've honestly been prayin for 4 weeks!!!! So glad it is all OK for your baby!!!! WAHOOOO

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That's great news!!! Smile