Freaking out a bit

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Freaking out a bit

If you recall, I recently posted my very big 8 week belly. Well, within 4 days it has completely disappeared, and I'm freaking out. Granted, I understand that it was most likely gas and bloat, but I feel like I'm as flat as I was before I got pregnant. It's very unnerving. Here are the pictures to compare:

8 weeks, 1 day vs. 8 weeks, 5 days

I need to reassurance that this is normal. Anybody else have this happen?

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I'm not an expert, but perhaps it was mostly bloating (which is normal) and it has just gone down now? I've never experienced this because I keep my bloat but I've always retained a lot of water with pregnancies, even with my normal menstrual cycles. Maybe someone else can chime in but if you're really worried, give your doctor's office a call in the morning and see what they have to say.

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First I would put the black shirt back on. The blue one looks a little baggier so it won't show your bump as well. I also agree that bloating can cause that. Somedays I can't wear my pre-pregnancy clothes and others I can with no problem. The summer heat can also play weird tricks on our bodies.

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I did the exact same thing this pregnancy! I was huge at 6 weeks and then before I even hit 7 weeks I was completely flat, even flatter than I was before I got pregnant. I was just retaining a lot of water and was very bloated! I am not 17 weeks pregnant and all is fine! The first 10 weeks of pregnancy your tummy fluctuates so much due to bloating and water retention the baby and your uterus is just too small to show anything at that point.

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I was just noticing this morning (at 8 weeks) that my clothes are fitting better than they were a week ago. Maybe bloat is going away?

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Probably just things shifting around in there and moving into a different spot mixed with some bloat Smile I am sure things are A-ok!

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I agree with everyone else, I have also felt sometimes that my tummy is super pokey and other times it feels normal. Since your thin I bet water retention and gas would be more prominent.

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The same thing happened to me. My normal pants were way too tight for me 2 weeks ago but they fit fine now. I think it was bloating because I saw the baby squirming in an ultrasound a week ago

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I always feel slimmer in the morning when I wake up for one. Plus, I look bigger after I eat (thanks to bloating) so maybe that is the difference for you? I think you're fine!

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You girls are a great help! I feel better now after reminding myself that this is how I looked the first time around, and that was just CRAZY bloat. Still, I'd like the messing with my head stuff to stop. Wink


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The same thing happened to me! We went camping two wks ago I was totally "popped" in my bathing it's hardly there! I feel like everyone on the camping trip is going to think I was just pushing out my belly!! :rolleyes: