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Funny Questions

DD is so funny! She asked me today "Mommy what does the baby wear in your belly?" she thought it was hysterical when she found out that the baby isn't wearing any clothes! Then, a few days ago she giggled and asked me if the burrito I just ate was on the baby's head! I love how her little mind works.

Anyone else have any funny stories to share?

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that's hilarious! i love the burrito on baby's head image. Smile

i have another friend whose 3-year-old was appalled to learn that the baby would be born "naked!" gasp! he was very concerned that they put a diaper and some clothing on the baby right away after the birth. Smile

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When the little girl I nannied for in college came to visit me in the hospital after the birth of dd1 she was holding Belle on her lap and she whispered to me "Are you still pregnant?"
Kids have the funniest ideas about pregnancy.
DD1 looked into my belly button to "see" DD2. Smile

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Cute!!! Smile

My oldest son asked me the other day fi this was going to be our last baby and I told him it was. He asked me how I knew that since God is the one who gives us babies. Oh, my sweet little man...stay that innocent as long as you can Smile I mean, he knows the process of birth, but not how the baby gets there in the first place!

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I don't have any funnies to share yet but reading these totally made my morning. How sweet!!

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How cute! Kids can be amazing. Smile Thanks for sharing your stories Smile

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I love these stories! Smile