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Going Green

My husband REALLY wants a surprise. It doesn't have to be this one ... but he wants ONE. Well, I know mom's are having babies older and older ... but I'm now 30 (as of yesterday Smile ) and having kids isn't like ordering pizza for us -- so who knows how many more we'll have. I told him to make the call and he did.

We're going green

We didn't find out!!!

The control freak inside of me is wigging out a bit. Any suggestions besides "bring one of each to the hospital" .... AND I have to pick a BOYS name AND a GIRLS name!! This is too much. Has anyone had the worry/experience of being disappointed with the gender? Just curious.

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I think if there is ever disappointment it never lasts long. After all, the end goal is always a healthy baby anyway. That said, DH and I both kinda wanted a boy the first time, and found out at the u/s that it was a girl. I felt no disappointment at all, but DH had to spend the afternoon mourning the boy he wouldn't have. He got over it and now actually kinda wants another girl.

I think if we were team green I'd just go with gender neutral stuff. Good luck agree on a boy and a girl name though, I know that one would take us down! Lol

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I am your go to here! I have been surprised twice and this will be three. Our nursery is whinny the pooh and all our 0 to 6 month stuff is green, white, or yellow. For baby 1 we each choose an outfit for baby to come home in, I thought it was a boy so I choose a boy outfit and DH choose a girl one. The boy one is still waiting for it's day in the sun. Smile The names is really the hardest. Maybe pick top three or something, I went in having a definite boy and girl name. I think that's most of everything. YAY for having another greeny with me!

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Oh and the gender disappointment is one of the best reasons to wait. How on earth can you be disappointed in anything holding your healthy little baby in your arms? Believe me, you can't. Smile

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YAY! Another Team GREEN!!!

Up until we got pregnant I was always adament that I wanted to know the sex. Hubby wasn't. So when were finally got out of the 1st trimester, I couldn't believe I was changing my opinion, especially since Dh was just getting used to the idea of finding out. LOL. In the end, I told him to decide and he said he wanted to wait, so we did.

I always wanted just boys. I don't know why, but I did. Yet, I have had the 'feeling' that this one is a girl and I am good with that. After the losses, just a healthy happy baby is all that matters to us Smile

Ironically, I love not knowing. Everyone I know who is pregnant right now all know the sex, except us. And there have been a couple who have said they wish they waited.

We are doing all gender nuetral stuff. Besides Green is my favorite colour LOL.

It may actually be easier to have one of each names picked out - you each get to pick one Smile