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Good News & Bad News

Where to begin...I suppose I will just state the facts to save all some reading:

*There is just one baby
*It is a girl! *Placenta Previa
*Blood pressure fluctuating high and low
*Baby measuring very small, almost a month behind which is impossible due to possitive pregnancy tests.
*Iron was good this time.
*Having a c-section for sure.
*Due date may change.
*Next appointment in 1 week.
*Name picked out: Juliet Anistasia

Unsure of whether to proceed with tubal after negative family side effects. Opinions welcome.

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Wow, that is a lot to process going forward from here. That really is terrible about all the negatives, did the doctor have any ideas about the small measurements?
As for the tubal DH and I are also having that conversation so I'm no help there. I know we will both come up with the answer that is best for our families. Good luck!

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I have been thinking about you and wondering how things were going!

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They said they would give me more information on the 25th. My DD was premie size even though she was born well over due so I think that may be the reason for the small size. They are saying with her current size that I didn't get pregnant until june 15th...problem is a pregnancy test at the end of june was positive. So now I am just waiting, but will give everyone info as I get it.

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Crossing our fingers for you! Best of luck. Try to stay positive!

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I am positive that everything will turn out ok one way or another. It just seems like alot to take in. Plus I have been finding myself a little more hormonal with this pregnancy that with DD. So I feel physically and emotionally drained. DH is trying to be understanding, but sometimes he forgets that I have restrictions. Just keep your fingers crossed that there is not going to be bed rest anytime soon as I am the only one home with DD from 5 am til 4 pm. Would be very hard to play with her and do everything for her if I can't even do much for myself. My mom has promised to help where she can, but she lives 30 minutes away and can't run at the drop of a dime.

I kind of wish DH's family was a little more dedicated to helping. The only thing his sister has done is insist that we change the name. Why you ask? Because she doesn't like it. She will call just to make sure I am up and "doing what I am supposed to do as a mommy" so I never get to sleep in even when DD does. I can't tell her off because of the simple fact that she could tell DH's family that DD is not actually his and stir up a whole lot of trouble which I absolutely do not need right now. I can see why his mother isn't available to help, because she works the same shift that DH does. But it seems like I am "supposed" to be following the opinions of his 26 year old sister, who btw has no kids.

I am also in a lengthy court battle to get support for DD from her real father. Which I had never planned on doing, but it looks like I will not be going to work any time soon and my husband does not make nearly enough to support 2 ppl let alone 4.

So I guess what I am trying to say is my blood preasure and the vomiting and weight loss and other things may be infact more due to stress than problems with the pregnancy itself. I am sorry but this kind of turned into a bit of a rant. Just glad I got it out now.