Got a sneak peak last night :)

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Got a sneak peak last night :)

I worked last night and we have this little, portable u/s machine we use on the floor to use on people who have hard to find veins. We can roll it around on their arm, find a good one, and get the blood we need or an IV started. We had a little down time last night and were wondering if we would be able to see my baby using it! We could!! Baby is lying transverse in there, back up. He/she was just moving around like crazy! So cute! I tried to see between the legs, but baby was being shy and had their legs curled up tight! Hope he/she doesn't do that in a few weeks when I have my anatomy u/s! Anyway, it was just fun to see the babe in there Smile

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How fun! I guess thats one of the perks of working in a hospital!

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That is so awesome! I bet you'll be taking a peek every chance you get now! I know I would!

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How neat! My next u/s isn't until Nov 1st, I'm going to die from the wait!

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How fun! I always love when I get to see the babe! Smile