Great deal on a stroller

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Great deal on a stroller

Just thought I'd let you ladies know of a really great deal on They have UPPAbaby Vista strollers on sale for $385 (normally $680)! This is the stroller we bought, unfortunately I didn't get quite as good a deal as this sale at Zulily though. It is a GREAT stroller...comes with the bassinet and toddler seat, and they have lots of accessories too so that you can convert the stroller to a double. Check it out if you're interested. We LOVE this stroller!

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A mom on my March 10 board has this stroller and she loves it. I bought a phil and teds off craigs list and it is awesome. I have jogged with it several times as well as used it around the mall and stuff and it is great. That is a great deal on the uppababy though.

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That IS a good deal. We don't really use a stroller much. I love a good deal though Smile

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Wow at the price! My friend is supposed to sell me her uppababy, but she's still using it and debating when she wants to sell it to me.

But what is zulily? The site wants me to create an account straight away, so I can't see anything.

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Zulily is a site with weekly deals for moms and kids. They sell clothes, toys, baby gear, shoes all at discounted prices. I think the sale in the stroller ends on Monday and last time I checked they only had 2 colors left to choose from.