The Hard Part

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The Hard Part

I seems for the the last 2 years it has always come down to this, this is why I do not like joining a board. I and now going through loss #6, I had my sonogram this mornig to check for placement and its ectopic. Tomorrow I will be getting my methrotrexate shot to end this. It seems as if its just not in the cards for me right now to have another baby. I said if I lost this one this would be it, so Im not going to rush into anything. I cant get pregnant for 3-4 months after the shot anyway, Im just going to do some thinking to see where do I go from here. My Re thinks he fixed my problems and that now Im just having bad luck, but really how much should one person take. How many losses do it take to finally say ok Im comfortable with finally moving on. All my family and friends are telling me to be happy with the 4 I have, but my arms still yearn for one more. Sometimes I just want off of this merry go round. Anyway I wish all of you the best. Dont turn off yall siggys.

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my heart is breaking for you right now, hon Sad i am so sorry you are going through this. i know when i went through my loss (when I had 4 children already) it really hurt a lot when people said, "just be glad for the 4 you have". well, of course i was glad for my 4 beautiful children but that didn't mean i wasn't mourning the loss of another an longing so much to hold another..... much love to you, babe and good luck in the future!

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i am so sorry for your loss. of course the 4 wonderful children you have do not make these losses any easier! praying for you...


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Oh Renea, I am so heartbroken for you. Praying for you that all goes well with the shot and that one day, you WILL be carrying a sticky bean through 9 mths so that you'll have a healthy baby in your arms. *hugehugs*

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Renea, I can't even express how sad I am to read this. I'm so very very sorry. You are in my heart. :bigarmhug:

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I am so very sorry.

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I'm so sorry! You and your family are in my thoughts!

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:bigarmhug: You are in my every T&P. I'm so sorry and this just seems downright unfair. Your dream will come, and I will pray for you until that day!!!!

Stay strong, and although having four already no way makes this easier, I hope you find comfort in their laughter!

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Thinking of you, so sorry for your loss. Sad

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Thinking of you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss

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I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that you get a sticky BFP as soon as your heart is ready again. There is no replacement for wanting a child in your arms and we all know how much that means. I hope you can find comfort somewhere right now. We will all be thinking of you.

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I'm just sick reading this, Renea. So sorry. T&P's coming your way.


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DEvastated to read this.
I am so sorry.
I'll pm you when I get back from work.
Thinking of you.

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Oh my gosh, I hurt so much for you right now Renae!

I'm sorry this wasn't it for you.


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Renea, I'm so sorry for your loss...:confused: Please take care of yourself.


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I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

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oh Renea :bigarmhug: I am soooo so very sorry to hear this news... Sad T&P's are going your way....

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I'm so sorry Renea. I was really hoping this would be it for you. :bigarmhug:

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Oh Renea, I'm so very sorry that this is happening to you again. It just seems so unfair that all this pain has been piled on you. I'm glad you are taking some time to think before making any final decisions, and I'm praying that you are going to get that last sticky bean soon.


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I am so so so sad to hear this. I wish people wouldn't tell you to just be happy with the ones you have. They said that to me when I had my loss, and it really hurt. Every pregnancy is a miracle, and every woman longs to hold that baby whether they have other children already or not. I'm sending prayers and hugs your way.

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I'm so sorry to hear this Renea, I know you've been trying for so long! Sad


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Thanks everyone for all yall susport and warm words. I wish you all success in your trying journey. And I will continue to stalk all of you!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that do sound bad. Well I will continue to Lurk on all of yall boards.

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Thinking of you! :bigarmhug: I'm so sorry sweetheart!

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My heart breaks for you! :bighug: