Help! Dr's Appt on 11-15-2011 Now has me very worried..

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Help! Dr's Appt on 11-15-2011 Now has me very worried..


I know that none of you really know me that well yet b'cos I'm new.. but I will fill you in on some things and on whats got me so worried..

Ok, my situation is sorta weird and the whole pregnancy was a pleasant surprise for us Funny story is I didn't know I was pregnant back in June.. and I had surgery scheduled for July 1st 2011 to have my gallbladder removed.. I went through all the blood tests and urine tests to check for anything that might be wrong b4 surgery.. well.. as far as I know all tests came back ok & neg for pregnancy only cos Dr never said anything to us.. so we just assumed all was good and went ahead with surgery.. Two weeks after surgery I started having mood swings something fierce lol which led me to take a HPT and got a BFP I called the lab where I had tests done before surgery.. & the lab person said.. when I called them to check with them after getting a positive home preg. test (after surgery & recovering) on July 14th 2011 that blood work never showed me being preg. (I was thinking it was positive but they we're trying to cover their arses cos they allowed me to go through surgery without noticing ya'know?) only took the HPT cos I hadn't started my period yet and I was having monster mood swings and knew that something was up cos I never get this irritated as I was at this point lmao didn't know if it was b'cos of recovering from surgery or what.. lol.. so the preg. was a big surprise for us.. that's for sure.. heh I'm just glad we caught it early enough b'cos I have PCOS which already makes it hard to conceive and also I need to take progesterone suppositories to even carry a preg. to term... I would have just had another mc without realizing it.. thinking it was my period just showing up late.. lol sheesh.. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that this baby was meant to be here.. Biggrin

Anyhow, now here I am at 23w/1d According to my Prenatal Diagnosis & Reproductive Genetics Maternal and prenatal specialist Dr... our Appoint. was yesterday 11-15-2011 and he's telling me our baby isn't growing that the baby's abdomen its measuring smaller than its supposed to be at this gestational age.. He said our baby is in the 11th% percentile he was trying to explain it but this really has me very puzzled.. as all the tests and everything else has been all good.. I'm extremely worried I don't know what to think.. I tried to ask as many questions as I could think of them at the time but I guess since I'm still confused on this whole thing I didn't ask enough questions *shrugz* now I'm just worried b'cos I really dunno what this all means.. he prescribed me 3 different medications and he wants me back in two weeks for another U/S.. I feel kinda shytE b'cos I'm still confused it really is kinda hard to think straight under the circumstances at the time.. both my other pregnancies we're pretty normal accept for me going into early labor with DD at 7mo preg. with them giving me something to stop contractions 5 different times w/several trips to the ER... ending with her making it to 37weeks emergency c-sec b'cos I got really sick with the flu which ended up affecting my liver which inflamed at the point to where it wasn't safe for her or me.. it had caused her heartrate to jump up to 200 at one point after they had given me antibiotics to help my liver and so they decided to deliver me at that point.. so within 30mins they had me prep'd for surgery and delivered before I could even blink.. it seemed lol she was a healthy 6lb 2oz baby girlie with a touch of jaundice.. other than that she was great!!

Has anyone else went through this, with the dr's telling you that your baby isn't growing? and that their abdomen is smaller than its supposed to be? The Dr seemed concerned but not panic'd so dunno if I'm worrying too much or not enough lol sheesh.. I'm going to be a sorry mess until then.. ya'know? God.. I hate waiting games.. ugh!! well.. I do hope everyone else is doing good and everything's going ok with their pregnancies, as I am hoping and praying for the best for mine.. bye for now Smile

God Bless

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i'm so sorry you're dealing with all these worries and confusion! i haven't dealt with baby's abdomen not growing like it's supposed to, but my baby girl did have a few abnormal findings at our 18week ultrasound and i had to go back 4 weeks later. when i went back, the abnormal things were mostly gone and they doctor was much more encouraging and positive about everything. and my baby has always measured smaller on ultrasound than she should for how far along i am, but like you, i don't really know for sure when we conceived. i know when my last menstrual period was, but wasn't monitoring for ovulation or anything, and i also have pcos, so i probably just ovulated late, y'know? sometimes i think all the ultrasound measurements are such a guessing game anyway...they don't seem very precise to me. hopefully as long as her abdomen grows between now and your next ultrasound, then everything is okay, and that's just the normal size for her! i hope that will be the case, and baby will have a growth spurt and put everyone's mind at ease! still, i know the waiting is torture. what medications did they put you on?

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That sounds terrible that the Dr. didn't even tell you anything to put you at ease or prepare you for the worst. I have no idea what having that surgery could do to the embryo, or what the low percentage of abdomen growth could be. Two weeks can be forever if your agonizing over your baby's health. I don't really have any words of wisdom or anything, but I'll be thinking about you and your family and hoping for the best outcome like Amanda said above. KUP!

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oh my, I'm so sorrry you are going through all of this. I hope all turns out ok. Thoughts & prayers with you. Hopefully next ultrasound will have better results. Hang in there.

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I just wanted to say that someone has to be in the 11th percentile. Some babies are simply smaller than others. And if your blood test the day of the surgery really were negative for pregnancy, then it sounds like it could be possible that you O'd late and therefore the gestational age would not match up with your LMP anyway.

Mine doesn't! My LMP was 6/7/11 but I'll be 20 weeks this Friday because I didn't O until around 7/15! If they were going by my LMP, I'd be hearing the same things you are about baby's growth.

And I also agree that their measuring and growth analysis is far from and exact science and can be wrong. I hope that your next U/S shows much more positive results. And you might also consider switching to a doctor that is more informative and has a better bedside manner.


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Prayers are with. Plus, keep in mind that U\S are not perfect. My nephew was in the 98th percentile for abdomen (which was too big) and they started freaking out about all these genetic disorders that cause distended bowels. By time they did a c-section (because it was too big), he came up with an abdomen size different than what it measured on u\s.

Remember, that u\s have a +/- stat. error. Therefore, she could be a bit bigger than what it is predicting!! And\or she is just a small baby, which is typically quite healthy.


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They probably just want to do a follow up. If your baby is naturally in the 11th percentile, then there should be growth at the next ultrasound. If something is disrupting the growth, there will be no growth. There is also the possibility that the baby is in an odd posistion that makes measuring difficult.

As far as the error, both my babies have had ultrasounds within 2 days of me going in to labour and they were measuring 2 lbs heavier than they really were because their leg bone is long.

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Hi all!! Well, sorry I haven't been on here lately to give an update on my situation in a min... I've been extremely busy with family, holidays, and pregnancy issues.. which I'm happy to say that I just had a 2nd Dr's appt since I was told the baby wasn't growing and in the 11th% range for abdominal growth.. I am very thankful for all the replies and sorry that I kinda went M.I.A. after the news.. guess I was panic'ing which turns out that everything is okay so far.. baby is now 2lbs 10oz. which is almost a 2lb weight gain since Dr told me she wasn't growing and is now in the 32% percentile range.. YAY! Yahoo We also found out we're having a girl! Smile I was hoping to have a u/s pic of her to put on here but the one I had gotten at 15w 5days I couldn't figure out how to adjust the pic enough to get it to work on here as I don't have Picture editing software on my system like psp or anything I did try tho haha.. um, she has been very difficult to see in u/s since that pic was taken I don't know why they are having such a hard time getting a good look.. I'm assuming it is because of her positioning in there she likes laying sideways lol, so not sure.. but its really made this pregnancy exciting lol dr's wanting to run all sorts of test lmao with everything coming back fine.. so I'm guessing its a bit safe to assume that everything is going ok with her cos she is very active! and All test have been good.. yay! Yahoo Dr still has me on magnesium and baby asprin's but all in all everything Loooks GREAT! Tyvm for all the positive feedback made me feel better Lol

God Bless
Happy Holidays to EVERYONE of U!


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Thanks for updating! So great to hear everything is going well!!!

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I'm glad to hear that everything is going well and the baby is growing like she should. KUP on how things are going. Thanks for checking in!

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Thanks for sharing your update, Rachel...glad the tests have come back good!