Help!!! Water weight

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Help!!! Water weight

We went to our Dr's yesterday and i have gained 4.5 Lbs in the last WEEK!!!!! I've been tested for preclampsia (That was 21 weeks ago) and all the results came back negative. In the last 3 weeks I have gained just shy of 10 LBS. So that brings my total weight gain to 50lbs. My legs are swollen, my hands and arms are swollen. I can;t wear my wedding bands any more (I am wearing my DH original wedding band - he was allergic to it so I bought him a new one and we kept this one anyway). Even my toes are swollen. I think the only place on my body that isn't is my face and neck...

I drink a lot of water daily, I have cut back on salt, I drink cranberry juice, eat yogury, banana's, try to keep my feet up, wear loose clothing - all the tips for keeping water weight at bay and NOTHING is working.

I asked my Dr about it yesterday and she said there wasn't really anything that I could do. It's going to get worse before it gets better (Especially the week after giving birth) then , it should start going away...

Anyone else going through this? what are you doing to stop it?

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So sorry you're having all the swelling...I'm sure it's incredibly uncomfortable. I never had major swelling with any of my pregnancies, just minor swelling of my hands and feet. But, it sounds like you're doing everything you can to try to make it better...drinking lots of water and resting are the best things for you. I hope it gets better for you.

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I had that with my first and the only thing that helped was delivery. Just keep up with drinking water and keeping your feet up to be as comfortable as possible. My worst week with dd1 I gained almost 10 lbs in a week! I think this is my first pg that I can still wear my rings! Hope you get some relief.

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i've only had minor visible swelling with both pregnancies, but still gained a significant amount of what i'm pretty sure is water weight toward the end. and for me, the relief was almost immediate after delivery, and definitely within the first 3-4 days i had lost all that excess fluid and felt amazing! so, i hope that might be encouraging to you that it won't necessarily be a full week after baby is born before the fluid starts coming off. as for now...i'm so sorry because that sounds miserable. it sounds like you are doing all you can and this is just how your body is responding to pregnancy. i know i have friends whose bodies have responded in the same way despite having no complications or health problems (like pre-e). one of these friends swears by compression stockings....have you considered trying those?

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The same thing happened to me. I had my appointment yesterday and I was up nearly 5 lbs. in one week!! And the nurse commented that she could see the swelling. Nice. It actually hurts in my ankles and fingers and when I woke up yesterday my wrist was killing me from the swelling. My BP was still good though so thankfully it's not preeclampsia. I think all we can really do is to continue to do what we're already doing and know that relief is coming soon.

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I've had moderate swelling, no big weight gain with it, though. Heidi, I have that same wrist pain too that started with the swelling. Feels kind of like carpal tunnel.

I started working from home, and being able to keep my feet elevated for most of the day has made a HUGE difference in how my legs and ankles feel. After a 5 day week when I was in the office, my legs felt so tight and uncomfortable. This past week they are just slightly swollen looking.

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My feet look like marshmallows. I try to get my feet up as much as i can. I've have the pain in my fingers and wrists too. Numbness in my hands all the time too Sad I found wearing wrist brace to bed really do help. Not much longer.