hey ladies, quick question...

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hey ladies, quick question...

i woke up 2x last night with heart burn. i want to say that i NEVER get heart burn unless i'm pregnant. i've never gotten it at the beginning of pregnancy, but with each of my past 4 subsequent pregnancies, it's come earlier and earlier. i was just wondering if any of y'all have had heart burn as one of your early symptoms? the last time the hubby and i DTD was the 4th of July. i know that would be too early to test or anything, but i always get my symptoms about a week before i can test. these things are a little worrisome cuz we weren't trying. in fact, it would be a little bit of a miracle since all 4 of my babies were fertilitly drug babies! we weren't gonna even think about another one til my youngest, who is 14 months, turned 2 in April next year. my oldest just turned 6 in June and i think 5 in 6 years is a bit crazy!!! but that's just me Biggrin

anywho, if i could get some feed back from y'all that would be great!! thanks ladies!!

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Strangely enough this is totally what happened to me with this pg. Heartburn is one of my worst symptoms and I have gotten it a few times in the past few weeks. With my two prev pregnancies it wasn't until much later. HTH!

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Wow, maybe it is a sign for you? I think you probably know your body best. I never got heartburn with any of my pregnancies, so i can't help you there, but that doesnt mean that it's not a symptom for you! Good luck.

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I had HORRIBLE hb with my first from before I tested till I gave birth! :eek: