Hi-being induced

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Hi-being induced

Hi guys,
I know I'm not very active here, more on the April '08 board, but wanted to let you know I am being induced on Sunday. I know it's early but I have some medical issues I need to address after baby is born so they wanted to get him out sooner if possible.

I was checked yesterday, and he told me I'm about 2 cm and the week before he said more than 50% effaced (I think I can thank evening primrose oil for that). I've been crampy and pinchy last night and today so hopefully I'm dilating a bit more before Sunday morning.

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Exciting!! Best of luck!! Smile

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That makes 3 March mommas being induced on Sunday!! Good luck to you and your little one!! Keep us posted!

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So exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing your little cutie!

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Thanks for the update, I hope everything goes well!

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i'll be thinking of you on sunday! hope everything goes well and can't wait to see all the March babies that are going to arrive on sunday, monday, and tuesday!!

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Hope your medical issues aren't too serious...good luck with the induction!