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Hi Girls

Just a little intro/background:
I'm Kim. My DH Mike and I have 2 daughters, ages 9 & 2-1/2. We've been TTC for 14 months though not actively each month. I have posted here intermittently throughout this time but I often get frustrated with lack of success and stay off the boards for awhile.

But today I finally went back to the OB. She diagnosed me with PCOS and is putting me on Metformin and Clomid. I am to take 500mg of Metformin once a day with food, she said the PCOS causes insulin resistance and the Met will help regulate that, and will likely help me lose weight. I have been dieting/exercising like crazy and still GAINING weight, so it is nice to know there is a medical reason for that! Then I am taking 50mg Clomid days 5-9. Right now I am also on Provera to bring on my cycles, which have so far seemed to be anovulatory. So I am on day 2 of that, with 8 more days to go, which puts my CD1 at about 6/13, so if I get pg this cycle (fingers crossed!) I should be due in March.

So, there's my story! Good luck to everyone else!

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Good luck and I hope this is your month! Biggrin

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Welcome and good luck!!!

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Yay, some answers!!! Good luck this month!!!

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Welcome to the board!!! Good luck this month!!!

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Welcome and Good Luck to you.... i also have PCOS and i have been taking Met for about 3-4 months... i started out with 500mg and am now up to 1000mg... i am not on Clomid or anything as we arent really actively trying as in doing everything possible to get preggers.... but i am using OPK's.... so if it happens it happens... i think if it dosent happen in the next 6-9 months i am going to request Clomid... and also my periods started back on their own and are about 34 days long Smile

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Thanks everyone!

cayxcee1 - how long did it take before you started to cycle spontaneously?

I picked up my Rx yesterday and found out that I'm only on 500mg the first week, then I go to 1000mg the second week, then 1500mg the third week and thereafter. I've already started my provera for this cycle but am thinking about skipping the clomid this month and just giving the met a try by itself for a couple months. Then maybe after 3 months if I'm still not then adding the clomid? I don't know. I want to get pregnant so badly, but I feel like the clomid treats the infertility but the met treats the cause of the infertility, and I should just give it some time to work. I've always been a fan of doing things as naturally as possible.