Hip Pain

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Hip Pain

Any adivce on hip pain? about a week ago, my lower back became sore. Nothing to major. Then last night, my hips hurt sooo bad. I couldn't get into bed by myself, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, i almost fell down because of the pain. It's a bit better this morning, but it kept me up on and off through the night - which wasn't all bad because I was up to feel the baby move at 11:30 Smile

I've treid stretching them, but I end up getting into a position I can't get out of on my own (which looks hilarious I'm sure). I have my feet up on a stool at work today.

Any advice?

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I would look at different stretches and if your not sleeping with a pillow between your legs try that as well. And honestly there is not a lot else to do. Tylenol maybe but that never works for baby stretching your muscles pain for me.

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oh man. hip pain was my biggest problem during my first pregnancy, and it started around this time. it hasn't started up for me yet this time...maybe because we have a new mattress or my hip joints are just already stretched out from being pregnant before? but it really does hurt, and used to keep me up at night, so i can sympathize!!

definitely try the pillow between the legs when you're sleeping on your side. i did that and i also had this wedge pillow that went under my torso, kinda holding the weight of my belly up and filling that space around my waist so that my hip was just gently resting on the mattress instead of digging in all night. and then it has another portion that goes up behind your back so you can lean against it and take even more pressure off your joints. DH called it "the great wall'...not too good for intimacy. Winkhere it is. i think those things helped but didn't totally get rid of the pain. i still had to switch sides every hour or so during the night due to pain and started the pregnancy "waddle" way earlier than most because i was so sore.

prenatal yoga and warm baths really helped me too!

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I got a pregnancy pillow that seems to help...it's called a Snoogle, I think. It's big and kind of a pain to roll over, but it has really helped my hips and my back. Pricey too, but worth every penny. I had one when I was pregnant with DD and had gotten rid of it...definitely kicking myself for doing that! They sell the pillow at Babies R Us if you want to check it out.

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Ugh, I'm sorry. It's amazing that we have to deal with so many aches and pains that go along with carrying a baby. Definitely try a firm pillow between your legs. I had some major back pain at the end of the week last week and laying with a pillow between my legs is the only thing that gave me relief. I iced it as well, but I think the pillow was the main factor in relieving the pain. Might work for your hips, too. Good luck!

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I had that problem with DD and again with this little girl. They told me being pregnant takes a toll on your joints, my problem was that my hips and shoulders would slide out of place without my knowledge and then make it painful to walk. Best advise I can lend is talking to your OB and maybe seeing a chiropractor. If your hips are out then they can put them back in. Everything tends to stretch and spread when you are pregnant in preparation for your little one to come. Alot of women also get painful siatic (sp?) nerves. Its a nerve in your lower back that can get agitated by pregnancy and movement that can cause pain in your back and legs. I don't know if any of this info helped but it has been my experience that these tend to be some of the causes.

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I had hip pains early on in this pregnancy. It hurt just to walk. I kind of waddled ha ha. But I also had bad back pain (it felt like glass under my shoulder blades) and the doctor gave me Tylenol and it made things better.

I would try to relax in a warm bath and take Tylenol. I hope you feel better!