Hope was born 3/18

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Hope was born 3/18

It has been so hectic trying to get into a routine, I haven't had the opportunity to write a birth story.

I went into the dr's for a 41 week appt on 3/16. The dr checked me and my cervix was shut like a clam. At the last ultrasound, he couldn't get an exact weight but was estimating her to be around 9 pounds. He scheduled me to go into the hospital that night to start cervadil. We got to the hospital around 7pm and the cervadil was started around 9pm. I was SO nervous--my blood pressure had skyrocketed so they waited an hour to see if it would come down before starting. That night was pretty uneventful--it was rather uncomfortable trying to sleep being hooked up to the monitors and having to call a nurse every time I had to go to the bathroom. After 12 hours, they removed the cervadil and checked my cervix--dilated 1 cm. At that point, they started the pitocin. For 24 hours, I had to pee every hour or 2 from the IV fluids they were pumping me with and I had to go on a bedpan. They were showing contractions, but I wasn't feeling them and they were afraid to turn up the pitocin too much because the contractions were very close together. At some point the dr came in and broke my water, but that didn't change anything either. After the 24 hours of pitocin, they checked me again--still 1cm. This is when the decision was made to do the c-section.

The worst part of the c-section was the spinal--the anesthesiologist pressed on my spine to find my vertebrae and I was in tears from the pain! He thought I had some kind of back issue because of the way I responded but I don't--not sure why that hurt so bad. There were some issues with the c-section--the dr found a lot of fibroids and ended up removing a large one while he was in there (it was about the size of a lemon). I was kind of surprised that they never showed up on the ultrasounds, I thought they would have seen that. He said though that the fibroids could have been the reason why I wasn't going into labor properly. I also hemorrhaged during the surgery.

But Hope was born on 3/18 and weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces! Daddy was there holding my hand during the surgery, and got see her while they whisked her away to clean her up and check her out. I was in recovery for a few hours after the surgery, and they didn't bring me the baby until about 5 or 6 pm. At that point, I was nauseous and vomiting from the pain meds, so they showed DH how to bottle feed the baby. I was nauseous for the rest of the night, and then the next day the pain med (duramorph) wore off and the PAIN started. The nurses were such a hassle--I was in so much pain and it was like pulling teeth trying to get relief. They kept trying to give me motrin which was doing NOTHING. I got out of the hospital a day early just so I could get my own prescription of meds and take them how I needed them. I only really needed them another 2 days or so, but it was so much better to be able to take them when I needed them.

My whole bottom half was so swollen from all of the fluids. My feet looked like meatballs--they are just now finally starting to deflate! I think the swollenness is worse than the incision pain, as I couldn't get around very easily and walked like a sloth. DH was a god-send the first few days--he really stepped up and did everything for me and the baby. He understood I needed the rest to heal.

The problem now, though, is he went back to work and now I'm here taking care of the baby 24 hours a day. We have no support from anyone else, so it has been really tough. When DH does come home, he sometimes offers to watch the baby for a few hours so I can get some sleep, but I lie down and my mind just races and I can't sleep!

Otherwise, baby is doing great! About a week ago we had her first pediatrician visit and she was just about back up to her birth weight (she had lost about 10 ounces while in the hospital).

Well, baby is calling, gotta run! Smile

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thanks for sharing your story, Dee, and welcome to the world, baby Hope! i love her name, btw. sorry you had to have a c-section and the recovery was so painful. i'm really glad your DH was a huge help those first few days. but when DH has to go back to work, it can be SO lonely and overwhelming! i totally know what you mean about trying to nap but not being able to sleep due to your mind racing. try the best you can to sleep when your baby sleeps, even if it's just for 20 minutes, and even if it's sleeping on the couch with baby on your chest. do not worry about accomplishing anything else in your day except caring for yourself and your baby. let everything else slide because this exhausting time will end soon and you can catch up on all the other stuff then. and i PROMISE it will get better soon! it doesn't feel that way when you're in the midst of it, but it really will.

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Congrats Dee! Sorry things were kinda rough for you. Hang in there! Smile

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