Hoping to be here too!

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Hoping to be here too!

Hello ladies, I am sad to move on from the Feb board but hopeful that I'll get a little bean to stick on this one.

Just thought I'd poke in and say hello, see who else is hanging around here Smile

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Michelle, *hugs* I'm sorry for your loss and sorry to see you here. Here's to a sticky bean for both (as well as the rest) of us!!

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Oh no! I'm sorry you are having to leave the Feb. board. I really hope you get to stay (for good) in March!!


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:bigarmhug: At least we get to do it together! Hope we all get to stay this round too!!!

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Aww I've been stalking you a little. Sorry you have to move over here, but welcome!!!

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Welcome to march. I hope this month brings you your sticky bean.