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Hospital Tour

Last night DH and I went for the hospital tour, and I was really impressed! All I've read about is how different hospitals have different ways of doing things, and people were sometimes disappointed b.c the hospital didn't do something the way that they wanted...well our hospital lets everything be up to the parents. They keep track of everything you you want the baby in the room with you? Do you want to be woken at night for feedings if you end up bottle feeding? Do you want to try breastfeeding immediately after delivery? Do you want pacifiers used while in the nursery? If using formula, what kind of formula do you want used? Etc. Everything they give you the choice of--really put my mind at ease.

They also talked about classes they hold every day while you are in the hospital to go through the infant care basics, which I was glad to hear about since all of their classes were booked that I wanted to enroll in.

But the tour just really got me psyched--this is really happening soon! There seems like there is SO much to do! I see why women often go out of work early, because while I'm at work all I think about is everything I need to do to get ready, and then when I get home I'm too exhausted to do anything! Then the weekend comes, and it is all about running normal errands, cleaning, and trying to keep my feet up since they get swollen from work all week. Then Monday starts the process all over again Smile

DH keeps telling everyone that we are all setup, but we really AREN'T! I just set up the playyard/bassinet last weekend, but still don't know exactly what to layer in it (have to go through the waterproof pads and stuff I got, I guess) and I took the carseat out of the box to figure out how that works. Didn't put the base in the car, just played around with the straps, buckles, and shade. (By the way, I got one of those "bundle me" things for it, and it just doesn't look right in it with the newborn insert in the car seat--just seemed way too bunched up--anyone use one of those? Is there a trick to it? I might just return it and use a regular blanket.)

Another thing that makes me hesitate to get everything ready, though, is the uncertainty--should I open up the boxes and take everything out? What if I end up not needing something? What if, *gasp* the ultrasound was wrong and it turns out to be a boy?!?! But on the other hand I think it is better to figure out how to use everything now, rather than after I have a crying baby in my arms. I just don't know! Can't you tell I'm freakin' out a bit? Wink

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Don't freak out, that's the best advice. Smile
I don't know where you live, but you probably won't need the bundle me on the way home from the hospital. I would start out simple with just the infant insert and a blanket. The first time you put your first baby in the car is a little nerve wracking so why not make it as easy as possible? Also, you will probably be out side for all of two minutes so no need to go overboard. When you get home you can check out all the options for blanket, etc.
And really as long as you have some clothes, blankets, diapers, and a place for baby to sleep you really are ready. Depending on how you want to feed depends on the formula, breast pump, bottles question. With DD1 I just breastfed for the first few days then when my milk came in I broke out the pump just for the relief.
It sounds like your hospital is really awesome. I'm sure they will have tons of answers for you in the daily classes. It's awesome that you get so much control, and can really feel empowered with your baby's care for the first few days.
Most of all relax and take it easy, the baby sleeps so much at first that you will have time to figure out all the gadgets without too much stress.
After today's I only have two appt's left so I'm getting that exciting feeling as well. Can't wait to meet my new little one!

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glad you got to tour the hospital and feel comfortable with how they do things! as for the bundle me...i love ours for the cold months because it stays in place better than a blanket and i didn't have to worry about putting baby in a bulky coat or snowsuit or something. it does look kinda bunchy where it goes over the infant insert, but on our carseat anyway, it works great once you lay the baby in there on top of it.

and i totally remember what you're describing about not having time or energy to "nest" while working full time! i was the same way with my first pregnancy and started to panic toward the end. i ended up moving up my last day by one week because of it. and then DS came 5 days early, so that still only gave me about 2-3 days, but i got SO much done in those 3 days! even if you wanted to still work right up til your due date, maybe you could take one random day off to spend at home marking things off your to-do list? but don't worry too much about having every piece of equipment set up before baby arrives. the car seat, some diapers, and a place for them to sleep are the important things. newborns are SO sleepy for the first two weeks (and sort of limp and fragile-seeming) that we didn't really use bouncy seats or swings or anything during that time. we were either holding him, he was in his bassinet, or i was wearing him in the moby wrap.

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I got the bundle me as a gift, and I think it's adorable. When I put it in the car seat, I took the infant insert out, put in the bundle me and then put the infant insert back in. I don't know why I did that but I find that it fits great that way Smile

We go on the hostpital tomorrow night for our first prenatal class. We are getting very excited. (and nervous) Started getting mild cramps this morning (around 6) but they have subsided. I wonder if this bundle of joy is going to come early Smile

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Thanks ladies! I'm feeling less freaked out just reading your responses!