how do you stay fit during pregnancy?

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how do you stay fit during pregnancy?

i'm trying to approach this pregnancy a little differently from my first one. last time, i took it as an excuse to lie on the couch for 9 months and eat mass quantities of ice cream. :icecream: nothing wrong with that, and the end result was still healthy mama/healthy baby, and that's all that matters! but i gained 50 pounds (maybe more!) and had serious joint pain for the last 2 months or so because of all the extra weight on my small/short frame. i got back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and i'd like to stay more active this time throughout my pregnancy. i won't obsess about a number on the scale, because i really believe your body will do what it will do. but i just wondered if anyone had any pregnancy fitness routines that they enjoy or work well for them? or any plans to exercise during pregnancy?

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Right now I'm restricted to 20 min/day and hb under 120 so I can't do much :angry1: but I'm walking for that 20 min. As soon as I'm cleared I'm getting right back into my kickbocking classes (modified of course) and I'll add pre-natal yoga as well. I'm dying not being able to do stuff...dying and getting fat!! :eek::thumbsdown:

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I was doing Zumba twice a week (hour long class) pre-pregnancy and my doc says it is fine now, however with the spotting I had last week I had to take a week off.

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I have been working out pretty much everyday for the past 4 months. I have no plans to change that until it's uncomfortable. I played competitive tennis until I was 7 months with DD1 and 8 months with DD2. I had no complications and super easy pregnancies so my Dr. told me to do whatever I wanted. I fully plan on playing and working out until I can't waddle my butt to the courts or gym any more. Smile As for a fitness plan I don't know of any real ones, might be a fun thing to investigate.

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I need to find someone as well. I play Roller Derby but with all the hitting, etc that goes along with it I've stopped. I need to find something else to stay fit.

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For me it is eating healthy snacks and chasing the other 5 kids around Smile Also keeping in mind that we only need an extra 300 calories a day. So while we are eating for 2, that second person is not a full grown adult Smile I guess I just try to be concious of what I am eating mostly.

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Posts: 386 has some good suggestions. i think i'm gonna try walking for 20-30 every morning before the heat of the day sets in, and if i'm really feeling motivated i might add in prenatal yoga, light weight training, and/or swimming.

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I'm lucky because we have a nice basement where my kiddos can ride their bikes around while I walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical. I try to get 30 minutes everyday but somedays the kids want more mommy time so I have to do little 10 minute intervals. I also swim laps and will probably do that up until I deliver. I love being in the water when pregnant. It takes all the weight off for a bit! Plus at night I try to do yoga to unwind and stretch from chasing two kiddos around all day.