How are you feeling?

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How are you feeling?

The nausea and exhaustion has already started!! Way sooner than either rose or eli. How are you feeling?

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I'm not feeling much yet. Sore bbs and just now starting to have some aversions to food. But other than that, I really don't feel much different. I've been a little more tired than usual, but I'm having a really hard time sleeping...although I think that's mostly due to being a little stressed and my mind going a hundred miles a minute!

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I had nausea with this pregnancy even before I took a pregnancy test! it has been on and off. I've also been tired. But that's about it. Smile

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No symptoms whatsoever, which is fine with me. (Last time I had brutal morning sickness until 20 or 21 weeks.) It'll start soon enough!

Hope you ladies are feeling mostly okay for as long as possible.


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Nothing yet. I don't normally get morning sickness so hopefully this one will be the same way. Smile

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I don't have any symptoms which, of course, concerns me. Smile My first symptom with both my DD's was sore bb's, but I also didn't find out this early with either one of them. I keep pressing them just to check. Smile