I PASSED!!! I freaking PASSED!!!!

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I PASSED!!! I freaking PASSED!!!!

Today is a WONDERFUL day!!!! For the first time EVER, I passed my 1-hr glucose test!! I went in fasting since I failed my 1-hr with my other two girls and easily passed the 3-hrs with them. I also won a free nights stay at a hotel, AND dh and I are going to an awesome Christmas show tonight. It is a great day indeed!!! Smile

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What an awesome day!!

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Ahhh....such great news!!! I failed my 1 hour last week and I'm almost positive it was because of an apple I ate an hour before the test (they told me not to fast for it).

I took the 3 hour yesterday and my levels came in way under the abnormal mark. In the future I would probably abstain from eating anything 2+ hours in advance.

Congrats again!!

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That's awesome!! I have mine tomorrow morning. I'm nervous but hope I pass. I passed with Kayla and was borderline with Eric, so I'm hoping for a good outcome with this one, too. Enjoy your night out!!

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Congratulations!! I passed mine too! Actually I came in WAY under...Test showed that I am hypoglycemic - but we knew that going into the test. Smile