I told Work...

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I told Work...

And they're absolutely elated. I was a little worried, just b\c our practice is so busy. But everyone was super excited and one of my partners (hint: his name is included in the firm name) told me that family always comes first and take as much time as I needed. WAHOOOO. I have an amazing job.

Has everyone else told their work? What was their response?

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Yay! That's great Smile I told my work. There are about a million pregnant nurses up on my floor Smile

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That's so awesome that your work is so supportive. I'm sure that's a huge relief to you! My boss was the first person I told! LOL...I'm a SAHM so DH is my "boss"! Haha!

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It's so nice that they are happy for you.
My boss is excited because this will be grandchild #3 for him....lol

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That's so wonderful!! Congratulations on it going so well and that they are so supportive!

I told my boss about a week after I found out. We have high production expectations every night and with my "morning sickness" there would be times where I knew I wouldn't be able to be as productive as normal, so I had to let her know. They've been supportive and I think it helps that she's pregnant as well (due in November) and it was also a surprise for her as it was for me (so we have a little something in common there). I've missed work 3 times so far due to pregnancy related issues and where other people would be written up for that (they are very strict :rolleyes:), I haven't been so I think they are going easier on me because of the pregnancy. Smile

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That is awesome that your work is being so awesome. I'm a SAHM but I consider my DD's my bosses because everything revolves around them. They were both very excited. Smile

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I am lucky. When I was pregnant back in Arpil/ may, I applied for this job and let my new employer know I was pregnant. When we lost the baby he was very supportive. By the time I started here, I was already pregnant again. He has been very supportive through out it all. He is always asking how the baby is and how this pregnancy is going. Smile

My first MC with my husband though. I worked for a troll. When I found out I was pregnant I told her right away as it was a demanding job hour wise. At first, she was so excited. But that lasted for about a day. Then I all I heard from her was how i F*cked up her 2 year plan, how irresponisble it was for me to get pregnant. blah blah blah. When I had my MC, she was furious I wanted to take a couple of days off to let things pass. She demanded I come in for an important meeting with her right away or else she would drive out to my house. I came into the city to have this meeting and sat there and listened to her yell at me for about 20 minutes. I finally stood up and said from the way you behaved this entire pregnacy this MC is a blessing to you. You can take this job and all you say and shove it. I quit. I walked out of her house.

Life is too short to work for someone who isn't supportive when you are starting or adding to your family. Work to live don't live to work and at the end of the day, it's only a job!


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I told my boss 2 weeks ago because i was beginning to show. She was happy but didn't really have much more of a reaction than that. I haven't told anyone else at work officially, but everyone knows by looking at my belly.

Sounds like you have a great working environment there!

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"MomtoQTs" wrote:

It's so nice that they are happy for you.
My boss is excited because this will be grandchild #3 for him....lol

My boss is excited because this will be her 11th grandchild! Smile It's nice to be working for family!

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That's great there are so many supportive bosses! I'm scared to tell my boss--not that he isn't an understanding person, but our company is planning on a big reorganization right around the time my maternity leave should be, and I really don't know how that will affect my position. I know they will keep A position open for me, but I really hope I don't lose the position I am currently in. I'm the big breadwinner in my family, and we can't afford to lose my income. I'm going to wait a couple more weeks before I tell him. He's in a different state, so he doesn't see me day to day anyway.