I'm goin to be an aunt!

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I'm goin to be an aunt!

I'm going to be an aunt in 10 hours! My sister is having a c-section in the morning!!

Long story, I'll write all about it tomorrow! But yay!!

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Congrats!!! Your kids are going to be so close together!

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I was thinking the same thing as Lindsay ... what fun to have cousins so close in age! I'm an aunt x9 if you count just my sisters and an aunt x16 if you add in DH's brothers and sister, too! It's such an awesome thing. CONGRATS!!

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How exciting! So, did you get a niece or nephew?

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Hope everything went well!! Being an aunt is the best and how special that your babies will be close in age!!

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Wow, my sis-in-law just had a baby 2 days ago! He's beautiful! Looks like we're in the same boat! Enjoy Auntie! Then soon you will be mommy! Smile

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I LOVE being an Aunt! I have 17 nieces and nephews....the oldest just got married this summer! Smile