I'm Slowly Popping...

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I'm Slowly Popping...

Slowly getting there... 13 week belly!

4 weeks:

13 weeks:

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You definitely have a lil baby bump!! You look great!

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Aw Smile You look great! I didn't get HUGE with Deacon and Truman until closer to the end!

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You look amazing!!

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:lurk: You look incredible!

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Definitely a bump! Can you feel the uterus when you lay down, like a hard lump in your tummy? Next week I think we should do a thread for all the bumps large and small! Smile

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Cute cute cute!!!! Smile

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Lindsay - its crazy. My uterus is only approx 2 in below the bellybutton bc of the twins. Though they're still sitting relatively low. Any day now I think they will move up and I'll get bigger overnight!

Post your pics, ladies. Y'all are farther along and I want to see 'Em!

On a train now to DC for work ( I hate driving in DC traffic). Have a great day.

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You look so adorable with your little belly!! I actually took a belly pic but I'm so embarrassed to post it because I'm so huge already. I will post it though.

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My belly pics are in my March space Smile

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Welll well welllll !!!! Lookking gooodd !!! !!!

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You look great-- and that's all baby!! Not like me, it's all fat!! LOL.

Have you bought maternity clothes yet?

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*lurker* What a cute bump!!!! Smile :)

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So cute Meg!!!! I def. think we should all post our belly pics.

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SO freaking cute!!! Wish I would have started out that skinny! Smile

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Cute bump! Smile