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So, this is pretty much what I want to do all day long. :eating: Biggrin Over the last few days, I could probably count on one hand how many times I have NOT felt starving, including right after I eat. Is this normal? It seems like the worst time is during the afternoon. My doc has told me to eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day, and I have been doing that. But I feel just as hungry after one small meal, as I did before the small meal. And I can eat another small meal right after and still feel sooooo hungry!

Does anybody have any tips about something healthy that might be more filling than what I have been eating? Anybody else just about ready to start eating the office furniture at work because the food just isn't cutting it? Wink

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yes! i spent the first 15 weeks puking non-stop and being repulsed by all food. weeks 16-17 i was timidly starting to want food again but still queasy. weeks 18 til now, all i want to do is EAT EVERYTHING! DH looks at me like i'm crazy as i help myself to a second heaping portion of lasagna, but i just can't seem to get full! i need to try the small meals thing, and actually make them meals meaning that they include protein and nutritional value of some sort, because so far my solution has been to munch on carbs all day between meals like crackers and cereal and popcorn. i know if i ate more protein i would probably feel satisfied for a little while. nighttime is the worst, because i wake up starving and can't go back to sleep until i get up and eat something...usually i go for greek yogurt with granola.

i'm thinking about buying ingredients to have on hand so i can make myself smoothies when the hunger strikes, maybe with protein powder or something? and trail mix is always a good option to have at work, if it has almonds or something like that in it. i also have made these "power balls" in the past for camping/hiking trips and need to make them again because they are a great healthy/filling snack that's super easy to grab whenever needed. i don't put chocolate chips in them...just dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.

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Sweet, I think I'm going to try those power balls and I agree that more protein would probably be the way to go too. I'm not too good with eating protein foods. Thanks!

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I definitely got my appetite back as well...and it showed when I stepped on the scale at my visit yesterday :confused: I gained 7 pounds from my last visit. I'm surprised the doctor didn't say anything about that.

The proteins definitely help feeling full, though--sometimes I'm about to gnaw my arm off waiting for the hubby to get ready for dinner, and I grab a light string cheese and that helps greatly. At work, I keep of stash of Fiber One bars and they are pretty satisfying too. I've been bringing 3 pieces of fruit to work everyday too, and have been going through all 3. Now, if I can just skip the icecream every night...

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I am pretty much hungry most of the day as well! I just try to keep healthy things around to eat like yogurt, cheese, etc. And, of course, the occasional candy sneaks in there, too Smile

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I find that eating plain oatmeal with applesauce in the morning helps to sustain my appetite for a while. Also, maybe have a small stash of almonds or string cheese handy to help hold things off until mealtime.

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"socalmama" wrote:

I find that eating plain oatmeal with applesauce in the morning helps to sustain my appetite for a while. Also, maybe have a small stash of almonds or string cheese handy to help hold things off until mealtime.

I agree - A bowl of oatmeal in the morning does help, but by 1:30 I have eaten everything I have brought to work for the day and I am still hungry. DH made me cry about 2 weeks ago when he looked at me and said "Your eating again" it was about 45 minutes after I had just eaten a huge dinner. LOL

Try eating as many fruits and veggies as you can. It keeps me from trying to eat junk food all day. And pack a bigger lunch for the day. That will save from heading to the store to buy something else (that may not be that nutritional).