I'm soooo excited!! (OT)

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I'm soooo excited!! (OT)

Im just so excited and needed to share! I was kind of dreading today because so much to do, my best friends daughters bday party and clean the house/shop for tomorrow (Kevins twin brother Jared is watching Brody so we can take the train to Seattle overnight! YIKES! nervous!) AND worst of all... My HUGEEEE FINAL essay was due. The final essay doesnt open til today, so we have from today, until tomorrow to do it. Its 35% of our grade, so pretty important!
So I've been stressing a lot trying to figure out when to get it done, because I'd need to get it done TONIGHT before we leave in the morning...

Well, last week we had to make up an essay question, for only 2%, regarding what we've learned, sooo I just did it last minute and made something up quick and submitted, thinking it wasnt my best work but I'd at least get the credit for doing it...

Wake up this morning, log in to see if our essay is up yet.. AND....
MY ESSAY WAS CHOSEN!! YAY!! So out of 65 people she picked my essay question for the final question on the test.. which means.... I DONT HAVE TO TAKE THE FINAL!! YAY!! I automatically get 100% on the final, and now I have 100% in that class, and it was my last class to finish, so now im STOKED! And... feelin ready to go away for a night and make a baby!!!
Im thinking I should ovulate Tues or Weds, so basically PERFECT baby making time tomorrow!!!
Im like jumping for joy!!!!!

Now all i have to worry about is Kevins brother handling Brody, hehe..

I've mainly just been worried about him putting him to sleep, but the toddler bed seems to be working out for us now, he's went to bed without a problem all week!!

YAY!!! I'm feeling super good about this month!!!!

Sorry for rambling!!!! I have no one in R/L I can talk to about "babies" haha Smile

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That is so exciting!! I know what you are going through, too. My DH is in school and has been writing papers left and right. He would be ELATED if he didn't have to take his final. What a relief! Get lots of BDing in while you are in Seattle!!!

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OMG thats awesome!! WTG you!! Have fun with the baby making Biggrin

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Yay for no final! Hope you are having a great time!

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That's a pretty sweet deal, congrats!! GL to you on both your trip and your BIL getting your DS to bed Smile

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That is awesome that you didn't have to take the final! Good luck with the baby making!

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Yay! That's awesome!