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Someone on the February board found out the gender of their baby today!! I want to know who I'm baking!!! Just impatient...that is all Smile

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Me too! I am so anxious to find out that I can hardly stand it! My next appt is Sept. 9th and I'll be almost 15 weeks, so I'm hoping I'll get the ok to schedule my u/s for somewhere around 18 weeks.

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I'm scheduled to find out on Oct 5th! What about everyone else??

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I'm due in January and still haven't found out yet. lol. And seeing the lady that's due 2-3 weeks after me find out already has me that more anxious for Tuesday to GET HERE ALREADY!!! lol. I'm due the very end of January though I don't get any ultra sounds until my anatomy scan, unless a problem arises, unless I wont to fork out the $$$. So for me I wait, and go crazy!

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At my appointment next week I will schedule the anatomy scan. It doesn't matter for gender purposes though, we arn't going to find out!

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i am also DYING to know!!! at least another month...

i've already warned DH, if it's a girl, the shopping will begin immediately. Smile

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Lol! I have an appt. On Tuesday, and I'm hoping my dr. lets me schedule my big ultrasound. I want to know too!

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I won't be finding out for at least 3-5 weeks. My anatomy scan will be between 18 and 20 weeks and the only other way I could find out is if we pay...... And that won't be happening

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has anyone ever tried those pee tests they sell at the drugstore that supposedly tell you the sex of your baby? i'm tempted to try it, but also thinking it would be a waste of money. plus, i'd still have to wait for the ultrasound for confirmation, so i still wouldn't really know til then...

just seems fun to at least have a hint. Wink

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I can't wait to find out!! I've never tried those pee tests. I don't think I've ever even seen one. I tell ya, though, I've done the holding a string with a ring on the end of it over my belly test and it's been right both times. I'm gonna have DH try it today and see what happens. He really wants a boy though so I'm afraid he might manipulate the results. Maybe I should just do it, LOL.

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1) The things at the drug store have a 50/50 chance at being right. My BFF did one and it turned almost black (boy result) She also did the baking soda test and it showed boy. Their baby is most definitely a girl.

2) A lot of the elective ultrasound places will do them at 16 weeks. Mine is scheduled for this Wednesday...I will be exactly 16 weeks. I am soooooo anxious!! This baby has had the heart beat be in the 150-160 range so far (Wives tale says girl...My other girl was in the same. My boys were in the 130-140 range....)