Induction (xp)...

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Induction (xp)...

Induction set for Sunday night. Babies due Monday! 1 cm dilated right now! Meeting my girls in 5.5 to 6 days!!! Yahoo

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ahhhhhhhh omgggggggg im so happy for u!!!!!! omgg this most be the most beautiful moment in the world... Congrats can't wait until you post pics!!

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Awesome news Meg. We are meeting our little ones on the same day. Smile So exciting, I can't wait to see your news!

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yay for all the babies coming on monday, lindsay and meg!!! i really can't wait to see pics and hear how everything goes for both of you!

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Great news, Meg! So excited for you and the rest of the girls who are ready to go! I feel like I'll be bringing up the rear, even though I'm due next Thursday!

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I can't wait to start seeing some babies around here! Smile Congrats! (And Amy you're definitely not bringing up the rear... I still have 4 weeks to go!)

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Yay!!!! I am being induced we will have lots of lovely babies around here. Smile

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So exciting!! Can't wait to see them and read all about it! Smile

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How exciting or all of you!!!! Can't wait to see pictures Smile

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Good luck ladies! This is so exciting!

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So excited for you, Meg! Can't wait to see your LOs!

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:lurk: Wow! So exciting! T&P's for a smooth delivery!!! Yahoo