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Introducing me

Hi everyone, Im Renea 34 Husband Paul 28. I have been trying for 22 months. I've had 5 loses, and now under the care of a Re. Last cycle I did IUI but I'm afraid it didnt work AF should be here in a day or 2. I have 4 kids, 2 boys 15 and 13, 2 girls 8 and 5. My tubes got untied 22 months ago. My RE thinks i have low progesterone. Sorry for the rambling. Also Cheri says this is my month and normally shes been right, so we will see.

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Hi Renea, sorry Feb. wasn't your month :(...but welcome to March! I hope you have better luck this month!! Are you doing IUI again this cycle?

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Welcome Renea! So sorry for your losses. Hopefully you get to stay in March!

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No Im not doing IUI this month, I got a new job and the insurance do not start until July 1st. I was paying out of pocket for my meds and IUI but my old ins covered the ultrasounds and bloodwork. So this will be natural. I guess Im really over here AF came early.

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Hi Renea. Seems we keep "meeting" on these boards. Sorry your IUI didn't work last month. We are starting IUi this cycle. Hope this is both of our months.

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Welcome Renea, best of luck!!

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Hi Renae, sorry February wasn't your month, but happy to be sharing another board with you.

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Hi Renea, hope this month is the one!

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Welcome Renea! Hope this is your month!