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I was going to lurk for a while because I have joined boarrds before, and things didnt work out. But hi Im Renea 34 married to Paul 29. I have 4 kids DS16 DS 13 DD 8 DD 5. and I have had 5 losses in the past 2 years. I started under the care of an RE who took one look at my chart and said LPD. I dont spot and I normally have a perfect cycle. But when normally people temps shift after the progesterone kick in mine lowers.
Fast forward to this pregnancy, my first beta at 14dpo was 7 and progesterone 10 not good. Next beta 31.2 progesterone 16, today 4 days later beta 464 progesterone 20.9. Im happy about that. I know some peoples betas are a lot higher but hey I have a late implanter. Well hello again and GL and sticky dust to all of us.

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Renea girl I hope this is it for you!!!! Good luck!!!

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Thanks Erin I still have my last pregnancy ticker on my other board and I was thinking it would have been almost time. September is in 2 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats!!!!! This is awesome news! {{{super sticky vibes}}}

Your numbers are doubling and that's most important! And your prog looks great!!

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Your numbers are definitely promising! Lost of sticky vibes coming your way!

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:lurk: Good luck Renea. I hope this is your sticky bean!!!

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Oh Renea!! I SOOOO hope this is it for you! I would LOVE to share a board with you!! Smile

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Congrats and welcome!! Sticky vies for you, hon Smile

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It seems like your numbers are doing what they're "supposed" to do. Hope this is it for you!! Keep us updated and welcome!! :bigarmhug:

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YAY!!! SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! Sending TONS of sticky vibes!!!!!

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Yay! COngrats again!!! Sticky Vibes!

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:lurk: Good luck Renea~! Tons of sticky vibes your way!!!

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OMG! YAYYYY!!! Sending you lots of sticky vibes! Smile

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Good luck to you!


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OMG Ladies thank you all so much. I know I been here before but I feel so confidant about this bean.

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Renea!!! Fantastic news!!! Congratulations!!! Yahoo

My fingers are tightly crossed for you--but those numbers are great! Did they put you on progesterone?

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Yes i have to do 100mg a day. Thanks, Im still stalking you Eva.

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RENEA!!!! CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy for you! Sending the stickiest of sticky vibes to you!

Yahoo :yahoo: Yahoo

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"reneakelly" wrote:

Yes i have to do 100mg a day. Thanks, Im still stalking you Eva.

Well, I'll be stalking you right back! :woohoo:

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Congrats Renea! I hope this is a sticky one and I am glad to hear you are confident.:)

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I am praying for you hunny!!


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That is wonderful news!! Hope everything works out for the very're off to a great start! A big hug!!!

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I'm praying that this is it for you, Renea! You've got a lot of ladies rooting for you here. Smile

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Congrats and yay for good numbers!! I hope it is a sticky bean this time around! Smile

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I know how long you have wanted this... I pray to God this is it For you
Take Care

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Congratulations! I hope the numbers continue to climb. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you Wink