just need to write things down (sorry it's long)

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just need to write things down (sorry it's long)

I don't really even know where to start with this but I am really worried about having a third child. This pregnancy came as a complete surprise. I won't go into details but lets just say the big V on a guy isn't always a guarantee. One of the reasons DH and I decided not to have any more kids is one- we have a son and daughter, and two- both of them had complications with their umbilical cords (DS's was wrapped twice around his neck he had bruising for two days after he was born and DD had a tight knot in her cord that it caused some distress in her so I was heavily monitored for the last bit of my pregnancy). My doctor said I was very lucky both of them had the healthy outcomes they did. I kinda feel like I used up all my luck on them. I'm sure it sounds dumb and petty but it's just how I feel. Plus when we made the decision to not have any more kids I was able to start planning my life with two kids. Maybe it is just because I am not feeling good right now and am soooo tired I can't think staight but I'm really worried about handling three kids under 5. Plus I have no idea how to set up sleeping arrangements. I'm guessing my 3 and 1 year old are going to be sharing a room but DD is a great sleeper and always has been but DS still gets up every night. Anyway I do know we are going to love this child. I have already been reading birth stories and tearing up looking at the cute little baby faces. There is something about holding that little bundle of warmth in your arms. I trust everything will work out but right now I am just so overwhelmed! Which is why I need to get myself off the computer and into bed now! If you read this much of my ramblings you deserve an award!

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Your feeling are really normal, I think! Adding a new baby to the family is scary! How is this new little person going to shake things up in your family? But like you said, it will all work out and this time next year you will wonder what life was even like before this new baby was here Smile The good thing is that right now we are not that far along, so if you don't want to think about it right now or are overwhelmed by it, we have several more months before the baby gets here!

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I think these first few months of pregnancy are the worst, there are so many things to worry about. I thank God for all the things he's given me and pray that this baby stays safe and healthy. Sometimes it helps to count your blessings.


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That is a lot to take in. I wonder about some of those things myself and this pregnancy was very much planned. Try to take it one day at a time. It is so hard to not get caught up in the tiredness and emotion of the first trimester. Just remember that it will pass.

Hopefully this baby won't have any cord problems at all and you can experience a stress free birth! Best of luck, and feel free to vent anytime you need some sympathetic ears.

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Sorry for my earlier post ladies. I sounded like such a whiner. I realize I am extremely lucky to be having another child when others are trying so hard to have one. Last night I was just really tired and worn out the stress of it all got to me. My family is very fortunate to have all the things we do including our new little baby. Anyway, I just wanted to post something because I felt really bad this morning about my earlier post.

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No need to apologize this is exactly why this board exists, because feelings about being pregnant are not always warm or fuzzy. As soon as my test turned positive I yelled at it "I take it back!" because I was feeling exactly the way you described. 3 is hard, we are finally out numbered and they are still little enough that they can't help much. As for your history when I was reading it I wasn't thinking you used up all your good luck. I was thinking that you used up all your bad! Two pregnancies with different cord issues has to be pretty rare. This should be your easy pregnancy by default. I hope it gets easier for you to deal with, and if it doesn't we will all be here for wining, venting, whatever! Good luck Mama!

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I can completely understand - I could have almost written your post about a month ago. I still have some days that I struggle with my new reality...but others I am getting excited. It has helped immensely that my m/s has eased up. I was SO sick this time around and totally miserable it was hard to have excitement about anything, much less the reason I was sick!! My first 2 are also going to have to share a room for awhile...thankfully I dont have sleep problems. However, may I suggest you read, "Solve Your Childs Sleep Problems". It is a GREAT book and has been helpful in getting both of my kids to be great sleepers. You have plenty of time to work on your son's sleeping issues before the baby comes! Smile

I hope you get to feeling better soon....