L&D trip today

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L&D trip today

Man, I feel like I just can't catch a break these days. First it was the issue of the low-lying placenta, then the GD diagnosis, a whole lotta family stress the last couple of weeks, and now for today...spotting. I had what looked like bloody show last night and this morning so my dr wanted me to go and have it checked out. So, after spending almost 5 hours in L&D being monitored I am now finally home. Baby looks good and was crazy active the whole time I was there. They can't find any reason for the bleeding, and thankfully it isnt much. But, I am dilated 2.5 cm. Thats a little concerning to me, but dr didn't seem too worried since I'm not having any contractions. I have my regular OB appt tomorrow and I'm hoping it goes well.

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Oh goodness! Let's keep that little Princess baking some more. Smile

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Oh my gosh! How scary! So happy the baby and you are okay and I hope you have a "smooth" remaining pregnancy.

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T&P coming your way. Keep baking!!!

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so sorry you're dealing with that bleeding, but thankful baby is doing well! keep us posted on any changes, and we'll be sending positive thoughts your way for several more weeks of a healthy pregnancy!

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I had my regular OB appt today and dr did an ultrasound to measure my cervix. It's a little short and measuring 2.3cm, but shortens significantly with added pressure to 1.7cm. So, I'm meeting my dr at L&D on Saturday so she can do a FFN test which should give us an dea if I'm at isk for Pre-term labor. Let's pray for a negative result!

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That is definitely not the news I know you were hoping for. The only really good thing is that your Dr. has caught it in time and can monitor you more closely. I'll be thinking about you and hoping for the best result possible.