latest U/S pic!

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latest U/S pic!

I went for my NT scan today (part of the genetic disorders screening) and they weren't able to get the measurement they needed because baby was just lounging on the uterine wall. When baby did move around it was to roll from side to side rather than float up off the wall, which is what they needed him/her to do. But oh well. The screening is only 5% less accurate without the u/s measurement, so I decided to just do the blood work rather than try to fit in another ultrasound in the next few days, pay a babysitter again, etc. It was still so fun to see the little baby moving around! Heart rate was 154. The little legs were crossed at the ankles and we could see the little arms waving around, too. Smile

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Love it! Such a cute little babe Smile

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It's so amazing to see baby wiggling around in there! Great pic!

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Such a cute pic!

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Cute pic!!

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Looks like a baby!! Amazing what they can accomplish in just a few weeks time.


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SO cute!!! Love these little ones!

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Looks like the baby is just lounging back and hanging out. TFS!

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Awww, so sweet!