Leap Day babies

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Leap Day babies

My due date is March 1st and I get + or - 5 days from then to have my c-section. Since next year is a leap year I could have a leap day baby. I think it would be kind of neat, DH thinks it would be awful. What do you ladies think?

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In a way I think it would be cool AND awful. lol I'm torn! Smile

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Yeah, I'm with Jen...torn between kinda cool and kinda awful! Funny, I had never even thought about that. Since I'm due the 5th it COULD happen, but my babies are always late. I would be beyond shocked if this one came early.

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I don't know, I feel like the idea would be cool but in actuality it would be kind of tough. Your birthday would never really feel solid...I don't know, it's so unique too...I'm torn!:confused:

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i had DS1 5 days early, so if this baby is a week early, it could happen on leap day. i think it would be so cool! wouldn't you just celebrate on the 28th on non-leap years? and then on leap years you could party big-time. Smile i think it would be a cool birthday to have.

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I have totally thought about this because I was induced 5 days early with both my boys. I would HATE it! Any other day would be fine with me, but I really hope I don't go into labor on the 29th. My DH thinks it would be soooo cool, but NOT me!

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It would be different because it only happens every 4 years so the number of people who have that birthday is substantially less than any other day...I think it would be special, funny, and neat all at the same time... Smile

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I don't think I would like it. Although, it would be neat every four years to have a big party! Plus you could say you have to celebrate both Feb 28 and March 1.

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I wouldn't like it for my child, they wouldn't understand it and it would be confusing when they are younger. Personally, I think it's a bad idea.

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I used to work as a server through college and I remember working a Feb 29th. I had 3 tables that night of leap year babies celebrating their birthdays. They all loved their birthdays because it was so special. They were normal special on off years, but people made an especially big fuss on leap years. I think it would be cool.

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Oooo, that's a tough one! If it were me, I think as a kid I probably wouldn't like it but as an adult I would think it's cool. Sorry,not much help.

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