Leap Year Baby

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Leap Year Baby

Talking with my mom the other night, she reminded me that 37 weeks is considered full term (yikes that's 11 weeks from now). And It got me thinking, so I looked at the calender and realized next year is a LEAP YEAR!!!

Has any one else thought about if babies come early on Feb 29th???

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We have. Our babies could potentially come that week (if they go at 37 weeks, that will be when I'm induced\scheduled for c-section). After careful thought, we are trying to avoid it!

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I've thought about it! I really cannot imagine him coming early since all my babies like to stay late but I know there is a chance! I had a patient's wife one time talking to me about being born on leap year. She hates it being her b-day and says it is nothing but a pain in the butt!! She told Finn to stay put on that day Smile

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Since I'm having a schedule c-section I could have chosen that day if I wanted. I had a friend once that was born on leap year and she said that she never liked it. Her mom though her birthday should be celebrated on March 1 and her dad thought Feb 28th, but really it was neither. DH and I researched it a little and it turns out that in certain years, that are divisible by 4 I think, there is no leap year. Technically you could go 8 years without a real birthday.
Having said all that I thought I would be kind of cool at first. Smile

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i thought it could be kinda cool at first, but, yeah, probably the kiddo wouldn't like it too much. i wouldn't purposely pick that date, but if it happens that way, oh well! my due date is march 8th, but i went 5 days early with DS1, so we'll see. i kinda expect to go sometime during that first week of march, but i'm also preparing myself to make it to 41 weeks since i don't know how precise my due date is this time around.

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My EDD based on LMP is Feb. 28th - however I probably will be in March.

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I hadn't given much thought to it since both my babies were late, but now with the GD I'm wondering if there will be talk of having this baby early. I would really like to avoid a Leap Year baby though.