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I have this somewhat neurotic friend who had a OBGYN tell her that if there was one thing she had to watch while KU it was lettuce...that if she were going to eat it, she had to triple wash each and every piece herself :eek:. She was in Geneva during her pregnancy, though I'm not sure that makes a difference. :confused: Has anyone else heard this? Anyone else staying away from lettuce?

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Nope, and I'll probably eat lunch meat too. Smile

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Interesting! Maybe if it was not organic it could have lots of yucky chemicals on it? I had never heard that before!

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Never heard that about lettuce. I eat a salad pretty much every day and did the same with my previous two pregnancies. They turned out fine (at least I think anyway...)

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I've never heard that either. I guess I'll have to google it now.....lol

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Nope never heard that about lettuce. I love lunchmeat though, and I've nuked it b4 eating it. I hope that is ok??

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It sounds like they were worried about e coli...I've never heard it being a problem with lettuce, only spinach if you don't wash it. ...And I've never been told that you shouldn't eat it while you're pregnant.


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I love lunchmeat though, and I've nuked it b4 eating it. I hope that is ok??

I've heard that's all you need to do...enjoy!