A little prayer request w/frustrated story

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A little prayer request w/frustrated story

My grandmother passed away roughly 5 years ago. She ment everything to me. Since then my pap has become quite an emotional, physical, and financial burden on my mom.

To put it bluntly, the man is rude, unappreciative, hording, and in debt up to his eye balls. Last year he faked a stroke in July and was life flighted to one of our closest hospitals (still an hour drive) but the doctors knew and we all knew that he faked it, but my mother (bless her soul) humored him because he is her father.

She left him stay in her home for a few months until he had fully "recovered" and then had him move back to his house (which I may point out is literally right across the street). He doesn't clean properly, can't stop buying new things that he don't need and racking up bills. Drives me nuts that there is one path in and one path out of that house.

Yes my grandmother horded a bit too, but the house was NEVER that bad when she was alive, you could move around, use the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen but there were some random piles of things. Now it is just horrible.

Every time he craves attention he fakes some medical problem to get it. He will call my mom, tell her hes dying, and her, being the only one of her siblings that has done anything for him, jumps up and runs to help. My uncles are only around when they want something.

Early this morning, around 5 am he called my mom. Told her he was having a heart attack. He demanded she call the ambulance even tho she knew he was faking and he had them rush him to a slightly farther hospital because after faking 3 stokes and 2 heart attacks the ones around here have pretty much caught on and are getting sick of his bologna.

They decided to keep him any way and do a heart cath, because he has known blockages, but they are certain there was no heart attack. My poor mom is put threw the ringer all the time with running and stuff and it really wears on her. My mom has done everything for that man and he keeps doing this to her.

They already told him he is a horrible candidate for surgery anyway. He is 400+ lbs, diabetic and doesn't follow his diets, has had toes removed from gangrene, and even tho he has the ability to walk refuses to most of the time. What good is trying to save a life that he continues to destroy. He will demand the surgery just because he thinks it is a walk in the park that will get him the attention he wants. The doctors won't declare him incompetent so that we can put him in a home where he can get all the attention that he wants even tho I would say abuse of 911 for his stupid fake attacks would be grounds for that and the fact that he is hardly able to do much on his own any more, but since they won't he can stay home. They did finally take his license tho. I was grateful for that after he backed his van into the side of his garage.

The house he built is falling in around him, he doesn't take care of his body and he is faking things to get attention when there are real people out there whos lives all those people could be saving.

Don't get me wrong, I love the man, but that surgery came too late for my grandma and it sure won't help him if he chooses to keep letting his body go.

I could rant all day about the mean things he has done to my mom and grandma and go into even more detail, but I think getting this much out at least helped bring my stress level down to a manageable level.

SO...what I am asking for are some prayers for strength for my mom and even though I am certain he is fine for now, please extend any prayers to him as well that any test goes well. But my mom, bless her soul, just wants some peace. I love her and I hate seeing her put threw this, and on top of all of the time, (she has been up for now 30 hours + straight and counting) that she has been awake already she had promised to watch my DD tomorrow after dinner into Friday when she has to be up early again. I offered to keep DD home, but she insists that she wouldn't keep her if she knew she couldn't manage and that everything will be just fine because her grand baby comes first now over his lies.

Thanks everyone.

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I'm sorry that you are having to go though this especially around the holidays. It's sad that he is so lonely and crazy that he can't see that just asking you mom to take him to a park or something would be much better then all the medical drama. I hope you and your family are strong enough to deal with his insanity and that he doesn't ruin the holidays or your pg. Good luck and KUP on how he does.

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Thank you very much. They are doing a heart cath. on Black friday at 8 am. my mom is supposed to keep me updated. He called my mom tonight to ask her to bring a bunch of things down. Then he also said that he called my uncles to tell them he is having surgery and will probably die.

That old man wanting attention is just driving mom up a wall. My mom doesn't get along with my uncle's wife and he tried to get her to drive way out of her way to get her and bring her to the hospital with her in the morning. She isn't part of our family anyway.

But life goes on so I am going to go shopping in the am to get a few things for Ivybeth for christmas. My budget is very tight, less than 20 dollars, but I am hoping to get the sleepers that she needs pretty cheap and my mom bought her 3 toys. My dad is off work tomarrow and kept Ivybeth so that I don't have to worry about her in the Black Friday madness. I promised him I shouldn't be too long. I am hoping that he doesn't get upset if it takes longer than I had planned in all the chaos.