Long last week in L&D ...

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Long last week in L&D ...

Well, I spent Friday, Tues and Wed in the L&D. Babies are great - momma is not doing so hot. I've had severe abdominal pain (does not appear to be related to the uterus or babies). But the pain so severe it's causing a lot of braxton hicks contractions (say 3 an hour and irritability in between). Unfortunately, after the OB, GI and general surgery examined me, they could not agree on a diagnosis. So I probably spent like $5000 for nothing. They literally sent me home with ulcer medicine, ambien, and narcotics. No help at all.

ON another bad note, I miserably failed the 1 hour test. At 200, they automatically diagnose you with GD on the 1-hour. I was at 192. Great...So after Xmas, I have to do the 3 hour. Yum Yum Yum.

But at the end of the day, I'm just thankful the babies are doing so well. They were moving SO much they couldn't get a FHT read on them. They ended up doing u\s to watch them b\c they were constantly moving.

Back to work....I need to start slowing down.

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oh, i am so sorry! that is really frustrating to be in so much pain and not get a diagnosis! i'm guessing it's hard for them to do ct scans and other things they might normally do because they don't want to expose the babies to radiation? i'm thankful the baby girls are thriving despite it all, but i hate that you're suffering and that you have to do the 3 hr GD test. we'll keep you in thoughts and prayers that things turn around for you soon!! just a couple more months of pregnancy!

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Oh goodness Meg, so sorry to hear this! You know as well as anyone that all that matters in life right now is a healthy mama and healthy babies! So sloooooooooooooow down and try to take it easy. Smile

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That is great that the babies are doing so well...not so great that you're feeling so bad. Are you still having pain? My baby is quite wiggly too! When I was in L&D last week they were having a hard time getting her heart rate too. The nurse literally spent 20 minutes trying to find it and never could get it! LOL! Fortunately I could feel baby squirming all over the place so I wasn't worried.

I'm sorry you failed the 1 hr test. I think they've lowered the "acceptable" blood sugar levels so there are a lot more people failing the glucose tests. The 3 hr test really isn't that bad, just bring lots of reading material to help pass the time.

I hope you're able to have a nice relaxing and peaceful Christmas...you certainly deserve it!

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That is just super sucky news about being in so much pain and getting no diagnosis. It's good the girls are doing so well, but not much fun for you. I failed my one hour as well, but the three hour wasn't nearly as bad as I remember, I was SOOO tired though all I wanted to do was close my eyes. I'm guessing I passed since I didn't hear anything since my test last Tuesday. Anyway, yes to slowing down. My Dr. said that it's no longer no pain no gain and it's all about listening to your body, which it sounds like you are very in tune with. I hope you can find a good balance and get some rest!