lots of contractions...ouch!

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lots of contractions...ouch!

i've been so uncomfortable for the last few days! i guess they're just BH contractions because they always die out eventually, but i just don't remember BH starting this early or being painful at all during my first pregnancy. they were always just more of a tightening feeilng, and my belly would get firm, but they didn't hurt. i would lie down and/or drink some water and they would go away quickly. these are much more persistent and make it difficult for me to function! i have to stop for a minute and think "owie, owie, owie" until it passes. and they're radiating around to my back and down into my groin. i will talk to my MW about it at my appointment next week. i'm assuming as long as they don't settle into a pattern and keep getting stronger, then i don't need to worry about preterm labor. it might just be because i haven't been getting much sleep lately...DS is getting his 2-year molars and has been up most of the night for the last five nights. anyone else dealing with this or having BH that are actually painful?

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oh that sucks. I have them too. Usually 2 - 3 a day. Deep breathing helps. as does massaging my belly. I found that kneeling in front of the couch (with my arms on the couch) helps a lot too. Are you able to do prenatal yoga? That has helped alleviate the pain from radiating to my back. It's good practice for the hypnoabies course your taking Smile

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Ugh, Amanda...so sorry you're feeling so crummy. I THINK I've had a few BH, but I'm never really sure. Contractions are the one thing that I haven't had to worry about with this pregnancy , which seems ironic with the spotting issues i was having last week. I found out last week that I'm already a little dilated (2.5cm) so I think your definitely wise to talk to your MW about how you've been feeling...I'm sure she'll be able to put your mind at ease a little. I hope your son feels better too. Poor guy...teething is so miserable.

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I have only one a few, total. My doc says as long as you don't have more than 6 an hour then you're ok. Smile

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I've been having them since about 5 months along. The more I move around, the more frequent they become. It's not painful, though. Just really uncomfortable. I have been having this awful period type cramp like you described (around to my back and down my leg) on my right side that will go away with time, but I know it's not a contraction because it's not all over, just on the one side, and it doesn't start and stop. It lasts probably for an entire half hour or longer. I figure I'm just growing again, LOL. Just try to rest up and stay off your feet as much as you can until it's time to get things moving for real.