Lucky Duck Christmas

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Lucky Duck Christmas

Did anyone get their Lucky Duck a present this year, or receive one? My brother and sister in law sent him a really awesome blanket and a pack of onsies. Since most of my onsies have now been thrown up on by two kids I'm very grateful for that. My MIL sent him some wrist rattles, and my mom got him a taggie blanket. DH and I replaced some books that the girls have torn to shreds and gave them to Fin for Christmas. Overall I was pretty happy that everyone thought about him and cared enough to send something. That's something I'm really conscious of since this is my third. I don't want him to be overlooked.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, now let's get back to chatting! Having no new posts is making me sad!

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We didn't buy anything for our Lucky Duck, but we did get a couple of things from other family members. We got a pack of onesies, which is great because I gave all of DD's clothes away...completely starting from scratch with this baby. And we also got a stuffed animal and a rattle for her. Now I've really got to work on making room for this baby! As it stands right now, I have no place to put any of her stuff so it's all just going in a big pile in my bedroom.

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My friend gave us the "Diaper Genie Elite"; my mom gave us a cute teddy bear and a plaster keepsake kit to make baby's hand print or foot print, and my niece gave the baby a cute onesie.

Last night my friend (the same one who gave me the Diaper Genie) offered to let me borrow a car seat, car seat base, stroller that the car seat snaps into, a baby swing, a sleeper that vibrates, and a Pack N' Play. Talk about a great Christmas! I'm so blessed to have the family and friends that I do.

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Aw...sweet Smile Nothing for Finn this year! The kids kept wanting to get him something, but I told them next year would be his special eyar to enjoy his first Christmas.

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My SIL gave us an umbrella stroller and a couple of outfits for the new baby. My DH doesn't understand how I'm in the nesting phase right now, I want to start getting things for the baby and making room for the baby in the house, and he keeps just putting everything off--"you have to wait to see what we will get as presents." I said, fine, that means when I'm in the hospital, he's going to have to go out to Babies R Us and buy everything off of the registry that wasn't purchased all by himself! AND put together the Ikea furniture I want. Smile