March v. April

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March v. April

Does anyone else feel like April keeps getting 120938320 BFPs and there are like 10 of us here. Although I am glad it is this way (we'll get to know each other very well), whatever was in the water this July is crazy!!!

OFF-TOPIC VENT: I need to retire. Thanks.

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I TOTALLY agree!! Their board is exploding over there!

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So weird! Feb is kinda small too, I was wondering where all the preggos were... Wink

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Meg I can just imagine how busy you must be. I worked in Law Enforcement for 10+ years and dh is a we are well aware of all the stupid people in the world. Smile

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I keep thinking I will end up being in April too, but I keep hoping that isn't the case so I stick around here. With both my kids I was always one of the early EDDs for my BB and I want to be on the end for once. My son's birthday is April 3rd so the earlier in March this baby comes the better (healthy of course). I also want to be out of the first tri so the farther along I am the better. I have an u/s on Thursday so I should have a better idea then. Either way I like it here already so i'll be sticking around.

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You know, I originally intended to be part of the April board since I'm sure my delivery will actually occur in early April, although my EDD is March 27. But I keep gravitating to the March board. Maybe because it is smaller and seems like it will become more closely knit over time--I already recognize most of the usernames here just from the first two weeks of being here, whereas April is still developing and new people are showing up all the time. I can't keep track! Smile

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I'm hanging in April due to my EDD of the 6th, but the babe will probably be coming at the end of March anyway. Biggrin

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I also thought this month was very small. I like it that way though!

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For DD2 I knew from almost 10ish weeks that I would have a February baby, but I just got attached to the March mom's and I never left! It's more about where we want to be as mom's as opposed to our actual due date or birthdate. The February ladies are super nice as well.

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100% agree Lindsay. I just thought it was super funny how many April BFPs there are compared to March. I guess June was just too hot to BD!

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I agree that this March board doesn't have that many pregnant mammas?! THat's ok though, we will get to know each other very well. I've been strattling Feb/March since I think I will deliver in February, but I love you ladies here too!

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Perhaps there are just a lot of lurkers or semi-lurkers like me Smile I'm new to this site and still need to get a profile picture up and figure out how to create a signature. This will be my first baby (9weeks 6 days along) and it's been so great to get advice from all of you have been through it and are going through it again! Everyone here seems so supportive! So glad to be part of March!

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Welcome, Amy! Looking forward to getting to know you!!

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Go April!!! LOL March, April, May....we will all have awesome spring babies!

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Maybe I'll come join you ladies, then. I kind of enjoy a smaller crowd, anyway. My EDD is April 2, but I anticipate having a C-section the last week of March.

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Very glad we are in march. - we conceived on my birthday (actually all of our 3 pregnancies were either conceived on mine or my hubby's birthday lol) Smile Hubby is an aries (April Dirol and he doesn't think 2 aries would be good. LOL. I'm a cancer, so a pisces would be wonderful Smile

A side note, it would be adding to the huge amount of March babies in my family. 2 brothers, a sister and a niece all born in March.