MIA but still here!

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MIA but still here!

Hey Everyone!

I have been completely out of the loop for a long time now but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here and doing great! I'm sitting at the lab right now, waiting the hour for my glucose test. I thought it would be an appropriate time to post. Smile I have a good excuse for being MIA though. We just went through the long and greuling process of buying a house. It was a foreclosure so we had to wait for the bank to take their precious time with each and every decision. So stressful. I don't think I want to do the house-buying thing while pregnant ever again. I thought the baby would have to make room for an ulcer in there a few times during the process. But it's all good now! We are home-owners and it's great! I love not having people walk on our ceiling anymore (we were in a basement apartment.)

As for the baby, he seems to be doing great! I don't go back to the doc until Jan. 4 but I have had pretty much no problems thus far. He is really active in the mornings. Yesterday, on my way to work, he punched/kicked me so hard that it totally caught me off guard, almost like it had taken my breath away. Strong little guy. I still haven't really bought anything to prepare for him.......oops. I'm feeling a little worried that I'll run out of time, but I think I'll start cracking down on it after the holiday craziness is over. All in all, things are great. I hope everyone else is doing well too! Keep those little ones baking! Biggrin

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Good luck with your glucose testing! Congrats on buying your first house!! So exciting!! I moved once during pregnancy and vowed to never do it again, and I wasn't even the one doing most of the work. Take it easy when moving day come, k?

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Congrats on your new home, you'll be glad you did it before the baby is born! Smile

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Buying a house and moving are two of my least favorite things on the planet! I can't imagine how being pregnant and dealing with a foreclosure could add to that mess. I'm glad that everything is going well with your pregnancy and that your little one is growing so much. I wouldn't worry about not having anything for the baby, as long as you get a car seat and some place for the baby to sleep you should be fine for the first few weeks. Clothes and diapers would be useful as well. Smile Everything else is an accessory.

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The house is definitely something to prepare for the baby! Hope your glucose test went well...I'm still waiting for my results. Like you, I'm waiting until after the holidays to buy more stuff for the baby.

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Yay! So good to hear all is well! I've been mia for some time too.

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Good news! I passed the glucose test! But I feel like I've taken a nose dive into the 3rd trimester and I'm not even officially in the 3rd trimester yet. I just feel like I can't breathe as well, especially when sleeping at night. A few days ago I had plenty of room to breathe, and now i don't. Weird. I called my doctor and they said it is pretty normal to have a little bit harder time breathing and let me know what to look for if it's something to worry about. I'm hoping I can adjust to it. Anybody else experiencing this?

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yeah, lately i've been sleeping on a incline of 3 really thick pillows because of the breathing thing and also because of reflux...it helps with both of those issues to be propped up. but whichever hip i'm laying on still hurts like crazy, so i switch sides all night long, and rolling over is getting pretty difficult! i have to sort of heave-ho the belly to make it from one side to the other. ha!

you will be amazed at how good you feel shortly after giving birth! at least that was my experience. the discomfort of childbirth recovery was nothing compared to being 30+ weeks pregnant! and i immediately felt so good. i could breathe again, i could go hours without needing to pee, and all the aches and pains and GI distress were gone!

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That's a good idea to be propped up, I'll have to try that. The reflux is a bugger with me too. I slept entirely through the night (without even getting up to pee) last night so I am one happy camper today. What a difference that makes. And thanks for the after-delivery hope! I think that's the first time I've heard about recovery from such a positive standpoint.