MIserable - need advice

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MIserable - need advice

I need a pep talk! I'm getting miserable...

My 35 week pic:

I'm now up 25 lbs. (I have gained 6 of those pounds over the past 7 days!) It's ALL in my belly (aka two babies pressing on my cervix and bladder). The pain is quite intense at times - taking my breath away and making feel as though the babies are falling out

I woke up this morning with severe nausea and vomiting, the proceeded to throw up three more times. I had a few contractions throughout the day, particularly after loose bowels (TMI). I also had one of the worst headaches.

:help1:Could I be dehydrated? or something else? I'm scared i won't know the difference between this kind of stuff and labor! I have no bloody show yet, waters aren't leaking, and no mucous plug yet. I do have what feel like AF-type pains in the front and lower back pain that would always precede my AF. But it comes and goes- sometimes with (TMI) gas.:help1:

I'm just so tried of being pregnant and working. I'm tired of not sleeping (up every night between 2-6). Then tired of working from 8 am to 7 at night. A hot bath is the only thing that works right now, so I take 1 in evening and 1 at 3:30 a.m.

I just want to know something is moving and I won't be stuck in this rut until March5 (seems sooooo far away). So many women on the twins board made it to 37.5 weeks, so I can do too! Can you please give me encouragement or advice on how to handle the next 17 days???

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Number 1, ignore that scale. That is doing you no good at this point. Number 2, treat yourself to WHATEVER you want. Not just food, but anything that makes you happy like cute little twin girl outfits, booking a photographer for a newborn photo shoot, or anything that make you remember how awesome it's going to be once you make your goal. If there is any baby thing you have been eyeing but not wanting to pull the trigger on talk yourself into it for making it this far. Also, there is no competition. If you want to come home and take a nap DO IT, anything you can do to ease the discomfort is great. Maybe a maternity massage this weekend for a reward? Make sure they have the special table otherwise it's not very comfortable. Wink
You can totally do this Meg! You passed TWO bar exams, conquered infertility, and worked your *** off the whole time. And March 5th is two weeks from tomorrow. These girls are going to be in your arms so quickly, then they will be in your hair forever. One day at a time girly, that's all any of us can do.
And I am having EVERY SINGLE ONE of those symptoms, but only have one baby baking in there. Someone needs to tell me to buck up and stop whining! Smile
I also have NO IDEA what labor feels like and am TERRIFIED that I'm going to go into labor before my In laws get here to help. I keep thinking that every single little twinge is labor. I don't say that to anyone IRL, but it seriously crosses my mind about 5 times a day. Smile You can do it!

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Hmmmmm....some of your symptoms sound very much like labor to me Meg. Please know you're not alone, I think we are all experiencing some (if not all) of the things you are (minus having 2 babies in there). You can do it!!!! Quit working, if you can.

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I agree with everything Lindsay said. You are amazing and you can do this!

I'm not sure about the vomiting but I have heard that for some women, that is a symptom of early labor, as are loose stools. You will feel AF cramping and some women feel it in their backs as well (I do). The difference is that it won't stop with changed activity. I had it for a good solid hour a couple days ago but as soon as I got up and moved around, it stopped.

Do you still need to work? I'm right there with you on the sleep and I can't imagine working with the little amount of sleep I get, AND being 9 months pregnant on top of it. You are definitely a superwoman. Smile

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Thank you so much, everyone! I was on a pity party last night - sorry! I feel much better today. I only have M-F of work left, then I'm off for 10 weeks. I can do this! Smile

I know we're all miserable and I don't mean to suggest otherwise. Just needed a pep talk from BTDT moms! Smile

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this is the part of pregnancy when it feels like it will NEVER end, and all the GI distress and lack of sleep and aches and pains and constant wondering if labor is or isn't happening...it's exhausting. so you're definitely not alone! and we are all really so proud of you for carrying those babies this long. schedule some pampering for yourself (pedicure, maybe?) and do whatever you can to distract and take care of yourself. i know every day feels like an eternity at this point! but you can do it!!

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Hang in there, hon! Deke and Tru were born at 38 weeks and that last little while was brutal!!

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By the way, Meg, you look AMAZING!! Smile

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See if you can at least cut your work hours down for this last week as well. I started working from home, and it has helped a lot. I haven't really been able to "pamper" myself with things like massages or pedicures, but rather than trying to lug my butt around the grocery store I've spent the extra money to have the groceries picked and and delivered at home...that was my splurge to myself and it was much appreciated! The days are just flying by! We will be there in no time!

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Hugs! Please stop worrying about the weight gain. 25 pounds is not too much weight. I also think that taking it easy at work or quitting early is going to be important. I would also suggest planning to take more than 10 weeks off if your work will allow it or you think you can handle it.

As for the vomiting...I do not think it is abnormal at this point with multiples. I struggled with digestion issues and severe reflux at this stage because those babies squashed my stomach and intestines. It was miserable and I completely empathize with your plight. Try to just eat snacks several times a day instead of any type of meal. It will make it easier on you and you won't feel quite as bad. Boost was my best friend at this point.

You are almost there. Take it easy and pamper yourself. Your deserve it and it will help you keep those babies baking for a while longer. The last few weeks are brutal.