Moment of panic!

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Moment of panic!

*Halloween next week
*Thanksgiving a few weeks after
*Christmas soon after that
*Deacon and Truman's b-day in January
*The next time I will get a breath and not be "preparing" for something it will be about 5 weeks from my due date! Holy poop! This is going to FLY by!!! :eek::eek::eek:

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Then you will definitely be able to enjoy that time without having to "prepare for something"

Your right, March is onlya stones throw away now. Very exciting Smile

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These next few months are going to fly right by!! Crazy! I have to slow myself down and take it one step at a time or i totally overwhelm myself! LOL!

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Oh my gosh! It's the same way in this house!

My Birthday
Eric's Birthday
(February - do I breath or do I count Valentine's Day?)
Baby Due!