Morning Sickness

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Morning Sickness

Will the morning sickness ever end?! Today I thought I had made it another day without getting sick, but I got sick at work...Are any of you ladies still suffering from MS?

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My morning sickness started around 6 weeks and was full force through 10 weeks. Over the past 2-3 weeks it's been letting up and only creeps up occasionally now and is much more mild. Hope you start to feel better soon!!!!

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Mine finally let up about a week ago! It was brutal and I am glad to be rid of it! Hope yours goes away soon!

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mine has been terrible! worse than my first pregnancy. i have been throwing up 4-6 times a day for the last couple weeks (before that, it was 2-3 times a day). but today, i haven't thrown up once!!! i don't know what to attribute that to...i just woke up feeling somewhat normal! i won't say the sickness is over because i was puking as recently as midnight last night. i think it's just a random good day. but i'll take it! and i hope it means it is starting to let up and there will be more random good days to come.

with my first pregnancy, the morning sickness peaked from 11-14 weeks, and then started to improve, but didn't go away entirely until 18 weeks. it does feel like it will never end when you're in the midst of it, but i bet yours will start improving soon!

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I still have it and I'm praying that once I hit 14 weeks, it'll ease up or go away completely. That would be pretty wonderful. Smile

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Thanks for the replies ladies! I had my second OB appt this morning and my DR said if it has been tapering off it should be gone in the next couple weeks.

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With DD I actually had hyper emisis (sp?) It the extreme vomitting was supposed to end by 16 or 18 weeks and mine lasted well into the 20 somethings...and then I got a GI virus and vomitted from that for almost a month. Truth is some are lucky and don't have any issues, but for those of us that do, they seem to just drag on. I was told by my doctor that even if you throw up, then you cannot possibly throw up everything so you should still try to make yourself eat a few small meals a day.

Hang in there some of us are right there with you.

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I've had really bad MS as well. It has let up a bit. I only get sick about once or twice a day - on the odd day I can actually make it without getting sick.

Unfortunetly, I weighed my self this morning and I am 3 lbs under my prepregnancy weight Sad but I am eating more than I was able to for the last few weeks. I have always had that problem theough, when I make myself eat through out the day instead of only 1-3 meals, I lose weight and lose it fast.

Eating crackers before you get olut of bed helps, and keeping something in your stomach helps. I find if I go a little too long with out eating something, I get sick Smile

Hopefully it goes away completely soon for you Smile