Morning sickness worse at night?

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Morning sickness worse at night?

Aybody else?? I really thought my morning sickness was gone for good, but the last few evenings it has come back with a vengeance. I feel pretty ok during the day, but once 5:00 hits, i start feeling gross! How are you guys coping with making dinner for your family? The sight or smell of ANY food completely turns my stomach. And, I have been absolutely exhausted the last few days. Two days ago I was thinking to myself that this pregnancy has been my easiest, by far. Um, I'm def not feeling that way today! LOL!

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Mine is really bad every night right before bed! So yes!

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I only get waves and that can happen at any time. Sorry to hear you arn't doing well. Maybe try to eat a later lunch?

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You girls are going to hate me, but I've got no morning sickness so far (although I'm only 6 weeks still), but with DS I didn't really have it either. I just got REALLY hungry. Like, stop on the way home to get food because the 30 minute commute from work was just too long, hungry.


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I'm like Cari, I don't get it. However....sometimes I do feel yucky but I find if I eat and not let myself get starved I am ok. Smile

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I have found that sucking on a peppermint eliminates all the other smells around so its a very temporary fix but does help for me some times...My mother-in-law also suggests gum to calm a smell what you are tasting rather than what you are cooking Smile

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I have to eat small amounts otherwise I get to not feeling well. My evenings seem to be the worst too so you aren't alone!