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Hi ladies. I joined early on and then I've been MIA for weeks and weeks! I'm sorry, I'm not a very good poster. I was just wondering when you all started feeling movement. I may be remembering wrong, but I recall starting to feel movement at like 14 weeks with DD. I'm now almost 18 weeks, and still have not felt any movement at all. Just had a heartbeat check last week, and baby was definitely moving around and had a HR of 155, so I'm not worried, just eager to feel those flutterings!

In other news, my big u/s is scheduled for November 10 and I can not wait!!!! DD is really hoping for a girl, but I keep telling her we can't choose and we will be happy with a boy too.

In other other news, my sister just got a BFP! Her due date is early July, so we will be pregnant together and have babies very close in age. This will be her second. Her son is 2 1/2.

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I'm 20 weeks 4 days and feel some movement here and there, but nothing regular and it worries me from time to time. At around 13 weeks I felt occasional flutters and then nothing again until about 18 or 19 weeks. At my big ultrasound I was told I have an anterior placenta and the doctor told me that would likely delay feeling movement as the placenta is acting as a cushion at the front of my belly.

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i can totally relate to what you're saying. with my first pregnancy, i felt movement consistently from week 14 on and DH could even feel baby's kicks from the outside by week 17! this baby has had me worried, because i have hardly felt anything and always thought you were supposed to feel more/earlier with 2nd pregnancies. just last week (19 weeks for me) i started feeling little jabs on a daily basis (only when i would lay down at night). before that, it was just a tiny flutter once a week or so. i'm 20 weeks now, and just last night, felt the first strong kicks and also what felt like her rolling from side to side. i'm not sure why it was delayed this time, but i'm thankful to be feeling so much now! i have a posterior placenta, so that's not the reason. i guess it just took a little longer for her to have the strength to make her presence known!

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Hi Jessie! So glad you posted...I was wondering where you went!

I just started feeling regular movement about 2 weeks about 19 weeks. DH was even able to feel her moving last week. This is much later than with my other 2 pregnancies.i was feeling movement with oth of them by 14 weeks or so. I bet within the next week or two, you'll start feeling lots of movement.

Good luck at your ultrasound! Can't wait to hear the gender result!

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I actually started feeling flutters around 11 weeks. REALLY early but they were there. I've only felt one really good kick, and lots of rolling around and flutters. Some days more than others. No movement felt from the outside yet.

How exciting that you're pregnant with your sister!

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I felt flutters here and there around 12 weeks and then not much for a LONG time. Of course I was always worried about it. At about 19 weeks I started feeling a lot more and now feel movement every day.

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Felt baby a few weeks agao then nothing. Then about a week or so ago, it has been daily. When baby isn't moving DH shakes my belly saying "wake up" Sometimes when a good song is on the radio there is ALOT of movement or when I am singing. Or after I eat anything with sugar in it (like 1 or 2 halloween candies LOL)

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I am only feeling this baby regularly in the past two weeks and this is my third. I don't know what it is, but I definitely felt the other two sooner.
That is so awesome about your sister. I wish I could be pg with a friend. I have a friend that is going to start trying next month, but I'm not holding out too much hope. I hope you guys both have perfect pg's together.