My babies look like humans now!

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My babies look like humans now!

Oops! I'll re-add pic when I get home.

I had my 11 week u\s on Monday (so 10w4d). The babies looked, overall, pretty great. They were doing flips and Baby A had her foot up to her mouth! I can't wait until I can feel them.

My only worry is that Baby B's sac is measuring small (9w3d). BUT Baby B itself (CRL) is measuring 10w5d (right on schedule). The doctor says he's not worried, but why would I have a GS that is a week behind? And (dumb question, I know) can it "smoosh" the baby as he grows??? Or will it just keep expanding? At this point, Baby B was still able to do flips and move around. I am just worried something will happen to where his cord gets compressed...

I was just starting to feel good about this too! :confused:

ON a GREAT note, first day (or so) in 6 weeks that I have not :puke2:. Yay, placenta taking over and no progesterone supplements!!!

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I can't wait to see the pics! And yay for morning sickness being gone. Mine has been gone for a few weeks now and I am so grateful! I really have no idea as to why Baby B's sac would be measuring small. Did the doctor say much about it? If he's not worried, I would try to put your mind at ease.

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I agree with Noelle. If the doctor isn't worried, then don't you be worried either. Smile So happy that they are both measuring well and moving around! And that your morning sickness is easing up, too! Yay!!

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I wouldn't worry too much about the sac measurement. I think for mist twin pregnancies you're going to find that there will always be something measuring bigger or smaller. I think baby measurement is more important and even that can be small depending on you and your growth pattern.

The u/s scans, while accurate, are only accurate to a point and can be off by +/- days right now. Doc could have also had a bad angle for measurements.

Drink lots of fluids, that can help increase amnio fluids. And don't worry about all that stuff now. Once those babies get closer to term, there is no way they won't be squished! But nature has shown we make room and they thrive in utero.

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YAY!!!! I can't wait to see those sweet babes!!

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Maybe you have future gold medalist gymnasts in there...

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Ahhhhhh !!! Yayyy im soo happy that they are growing on time and dont worry about the smaller twin !!! He/She will be fine !! I cant wait to see them !!!!!

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Via u/s of course Smile

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Yay, sounds like babies are doing great!! I wouldnt worry about one being bigger than the other. Ive heard it is quite common with twins. Even though I dont have twins, my oldest grew faster and was bigger than my second (and still is!). At my appts with my second, I always expected that he woud be measuring bigger than he was because I was used to my ooder son. But that wasn't the case. They have their own personalities from the get go! And now, my older son's growth curve is right where it should be, but my ypunger son is still short and under weight for his age. Just the way God made them. :). Take heart, they will be fine!