My first belly pic

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My first belly pic

Alright, here it goes. Here's me at 14w 4d pregnant. I told ya I was huge! My belly officially sticks out past my boobs. I'm really high up too. Not sure why, neither is the doctor.

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Funny, just re-registered at this site (since I hadn't used it in several years lol). Go to this board and first post I click on and think "she looks familiar" lol....good to see you here Smile And you look great!!

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Cute little bump! You are looking great BTW!

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Adorable!!! Smile

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cute baby bump! you look great! my OB also commented that my uterus was high for 14 weeks at my last's totally risen up out of my pelvis now, and i don't remember that happening this early with my first pregnancy.

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Love it!

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awww you look great!! what a nice picture!

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Soooooooo cute!! Smile

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