Nearly Passed Out Today

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Nearly Passed Out Today

So, I was at my kids' school carnival today and it was pretty hot, although there was a cool breeze. But, there wasn't much shade. I was standing and walking for a while and suddenly started feeling nauseous so I found a little shade and sat down. That's when I started losing my peripheral vision and got the hot feeling all in my head (like a head rush). I almost threw up but stopped myself, thankfully because I didn't want that to happen in public. I've had this problem in the past (not sure what causes it) but what was weird this time is that I actually started to lose my hearing, too. That has never happened before. I think it was a mixture of the standing in the heat and probably not having enough to eat or drink beforehand. At least I hope that's all that caused it. There were plenty of other pregnant women around and they seemed just fine. It was pretty scary. I'm feeling a little better but my peripheral vision is still blurred. Should I call the doctor or just chalk it up to being dehydrated in the heat?

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I would call ur doctor just to be on the safe side. And stay hydrated!

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That happens to me when my blood pressure gets low. I have to make sure that I eat enough and drink enough because if I get really dehydrated or hungry I also get the black spots in my vision. It's still really scary when it happens though.

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that is scary! it's crazy to me how hard this pregnancy has been on my body. i really have to rest and eat/drink regularly throughout the day. even still, i often feel light-headed, or get the spots in my vision, or just go weak in the knees unexpectedly and have to sit down. i didn't have any of that with DS1...i could go, go, go, and the most that would happen is i might feel sore at the end of the day.

i'm glad you were able to avoid passing out or throwing up! just keep listening to your body and rest when you need it.

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Wow! It's probably not serious since you are pregnant and you were walking around in the heat, but I would let your doc know if you haven't already in case they need to check something out.

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I didn't call my doctor because it hasn't happened since and I've been feeling the baby move so I think everything is okay on that front. I see him next Tuesday so I'll discuss it with him then. My sister thinks I had a blood sugar drop. She is hypoglycemic and what I described is exactly what she experiences if she doesn't have enough protein with her carbs. So, I've been trying to make sure that I have a protein with each meal, even if it's just a small handful of peanuts. I hope that never happens again. I've never actually fainted before but if that's what the process feels like, I hope I NEVER do!